Why “The Balloon” is the strangest, yet most intriguing short story of the post world war II era. Complete summary of Donald Barthelme’s The Balloon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Balloon. Dive deep into Donald Barthelme’s The Balloon with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.

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The plot is simple.

His second wife, Helen Barthelme, later wrote a biography entitled Donald Barthelme: Alice Herondale rated it liked it Feb 06, And, also, can barthelmw located via a Google search. These very characteristics, of course, placed Barthelme with such writers as Robert Coover, William H. As the balloon is to the speaker so is the story to the balloon.

Thus, my write-up here although I included The Balloon as part of a collection of stories I reviewed previously. Also, his collection, Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts. About Me Charles May. Such a state—a state of the unknowable, the unclassifiable, the mysterious—evokes a variety of responses. Katharina rated it did not like it Nov 29, Modern Language Association http: Robert Coover’s “The Brother”. What he illustrates is how form is only form rather than meaning.

Is it all so much more? Once back, he continued his studies at the Bafthelme of Houston, studying philosophy.

Join me on Twitter Follow CharlesCmay. Fictional self-consciousness in the short story does not allow the reader to maintain the comfortable assumption that what is depicted is real; instead, the reader is made uncomfortably aware that the only reality is the process of depiction balooon language act of the fiction-making process. Is it all What is the Balloon, why barthelmd it here? The term “postmodernist” is difficult to define.


I have been taking some time off because I have been working on a new book on the short story. The persona of the story says that it is wrong to speak of “situations, implying sets of circumstances leading to some resolution, some escape of tension.

Lists with This Book. Kelsey Stone rated it it was amazing Jun balpoon, Trivia About The Balloon. In other words, the meaning of the balloon is that the balloon has no meaning.

The Balloon by Donald Barthelme

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. The entire collection deals with a number of specific subjects, including the relationship between war and mechanized society; the search for meaning in politics, art, science, and personal relationships; the bxlloon of love; and the failure of language.

The Balloon is art and made for people to see and enjoy and wonder upon. Most critics, however, seem to agree that if “modernism” in the early part of the century manifested a reaction against nineteenth century bourgeois realism i n which writers such as James Joyce and T. Others—and every response is batrhelme upon one’s basic, innate temperament—are timid or hostile; they are frustrated by the balloon. Simon Kempe rated it really liked it Apr 23, Some writers are referred to as “a writer’s writer,” a designation that suggests they are mainly appreciated by other write For Barthelme, the problem of language is ddonald problem of reality, for reality is the result of language processes.

He provides in the totality of the story the form of meaning—and we proceed to read the words as we ordinarily proceed to apprehend reality. What is constructed according to a logic of ends and doonald is deconstructed when it comes into contact with the outermost edge.


The Balloon

French deconstructionist philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy chimes in this conversation when he states: Henry Award Stories 2 O. While in many ways his father was avant-garde in art and aesthetics, he did not approve of the post-modern and deconstruction schools. Words, he seems to conclude, are our only connection with the inner and outer worlds, but they are seductive in making us believe we can traverse the gap between question and knowledge.

Derek Minno-Bloom rated bqlloon liked it Sep 26, Boyle The Fugitive 1 T. Only later does the speaker explain: This was a gentle and almost convincing glimpse into another person’s opinion. Rather, he wishes to present modern men and women as the products of the media and the language that surround them.

The author probes the problems, if not the impossibility, of discovering meaning both in the external world and in one’s own consciousness. Indu Muralidharan rated it it was amazing Nov 13, The fiction of Donald Barthelme required a major readjustment for readers barhtelme came to it accustomed to ballokn leisurely linear story line of the traditional novel or the conventional short story.

Barthelme is not really interested in the personal lives of his characters; dnoald fact, few seem to have personal lives.