Buy Doxy by Sonny Rollins/arr. Mark Taylor at Jazz Sheet Music. Jazz legend Sonny Rollins has given us many fabulous jazz standards, and. Check out Doxy by Miles Davis & Sonny Rollins on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on So, Sonny Rollins is this young man living in Harlem in NYC in the 40’s, He has seen a bit more of Life than we Midwestern farm folk, or their.

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Miriam-Webster defines the term as varying kinds of female persons. Some are just your average woman you meet at or who works in a bar, often at the waterfront. I have been talking a LOT in the last few Notes issues about chords and rhythm, and how that chord tone-on-the-beat thing is so crucial to sounding both competent and swinging. Last time I also mentioned that melodic playing is a different Dody.

The quintessential melodic improviser of the sinny era is, oddly enough, NOT Sonny Rollins, rollisn comes to us from the Coleman Hawkins School, but Lester Young, a pentatonic and blues player of the first water! He, and a few other early modernists, like Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster, used a melodic,not a harmonic, approach to the standard songs, swing heads, and blues tunes they played.

There are two main scales they used, rolkins of which you are probably familiar with, and the other most probably not, yet, they are both the SAME Scale! The major scale has its relative minor. Eoxy players are not aware that the Blues scale also has this samed paired relationship.

Notice that the full Bb Major blues and the full G minor blues scales are precisely the same pitches. This relationship only goes one way. So far, easy enough.


For those of you that know the next bit of theory, you can also see there is a Parallel maj-min relationship here as well, with Bb maj and Bb min being a parallel pair.

My goal with this article is to show you that, most of the time, it is the Major Blues scale that you will want, not the minor one you may have come to know.

Secondly, if you know any minor, you already know all the majors, since they come in Pairs! Bb blues, with some bop substitutes.

Doxy – Sonny Rollins | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Not a problem for any competent jazzer to play the changes. This piece could be rolpins just as a bar blues, even though it is 16 measures in length. Perhaps your first inclination would be to play your well-tested Bb minor blues scale on it. Test it out with a play-along track, if you have one, or have a pianist friend play the chords.

I have just the solution, The Major Blues! Play this scale in its most characteristic form, four note groups. I have written them in both concert pitch and Bb tranposition for you trumpet and tenor saxists. These four notes groups adapt spnny to the chords of Doxy without much real regard for the harmonic implications.

The Chord Guy is actually saying this! Another may be that, because bop and its derived methods has so dominated jazz instruction, the methods rollins by the previous generation of players, Young, Webster, Hodges, even Satchmo, are a bit neglected, shall we say? See below for more examples.

Notes on “Doxy”

Try any and all of these lines, licks, and four-note groups over any of the harmonic movements in Doxy. Sonhy will find the overwhelming influence of blues melody, espcially using this Major Blues sound instead of the more drastic minor blues, and the additional notes shown here, added to the major pentatonic scale all sonmy us are accustomed to, will give your improvising a fresh, new outlook.


In addition to arpeggios of chords, scales that match the chords and chord tones on the strong beats, you now have a blues sound that is more widely rolkins than the usual minor blues thing. And, since each minor blues is the same pitchset as its relative major, when you practice the one, you are doing the other as well! The G minor blues scale has a B flat right?. Your statement of the scale looks like a mistake, Rollkns point is that G minor blues scale has the same notes as the B flat major blues scale, but in your statements of the two scales they are not the same.

Doxy (song)

I was stymied for a while, but then it occurred to me that the first interval in the minor blues scale is a minor third — in this case G to B flat. I love this site and appreciate your efforts to get us playing more major blues and pentatonic scales.

You sonyn to be using R 2 3b 3 5 5 6 in your pentatonic major blues. I get the R of the pentatonic major with a 3b added blue note. Dear Michael, your way of teaching is great and this lesson fixed me a lot of doubts.

DId Sonny Rollins write the lyrics to the song Doxy as well? Rlllins typo is now fixed. Why is the 5 introduced or is it a 6b? I guess i could understand a flat 5 but a sharp 5? I would be really appreciative of a response.