DPM BL-100303 PDF

BLU: Voltmeter 20vdc Lcd Panel Mount BLU: Panel Meter; Volt; Reflective LCD; DPM=+5VDC; Range=VDC; Terminals=13 Pins. BLU — DPM LCD 5V/MV BEZEL BLU, Jewell Instruments LLC, DPM LCD W/S 5V/20V. Серия: BL · Type: Voltmeter · Measuring Range. BL – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement Jewell Modutec; Description: Digital Panel Meters 3 1/2-DIG 5V/2V DPM; Qty In-Stock: click box for stock.

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Selections are made via the front pushbuttons. Includes b-100303 built-in cycle counter, 5A SPDT relay output and serial communications capability, two signal inputs and eight input operating modes.

BL-100302 – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement

Units with transistor output also available; Go online or call. Available with 2 output relays; go online or call. Ideal where impact and strength is required in harsh environments.

BL is bezel mount. Clear display legends ensure simple reading with no multipliers required. Feature automatic reset and infinite-resolution clutch. This, combined with a simplified, hinged escapement drive, also eliminates the possibility of miscounts and greatly adds to the life of the counter.

Ideal for factory automation, discrete manufacturing and equipment monitoring applications. Case design allows horizontal or vertical stacking of units. Full 4-digit resolution of single-phase values and 5-digit resolution of 3-phase values. An adaptive filter can reduce variations due to noise.


Other versions available, up to 20 switches; go online or call.

A series totalizing and preset counters are compact and cost-efficient. Spm 45 x 22mm panel cut-out. A user-accessible brightness adjustment pin allows custom intensity settings or display matching in multiple display applications. The totalizer can also accumulate batch weighing operations. Stainless steel self-lubricating shaft, nylatron pinions and synchronous electromagnetic drive assures accuracy and long-life.

External and internal parts are corrosion-resistant for trouble-free and accurate performance indoors and out. BL positive image dark on green background; BL negative image, red segments on dark background. The E40 series is capable of count speeds of up to 10kHz.

Specifically designed for harsh environments, the Model series is housed in a metal case that gives complete magnetic isolation for steel panel dom. Screw terminals eliminate added cost of plug-on screw terminals or solder connectors. Available in four differential input voltage ranges: They accept high or low voltage AC or DC input signals.

Seven selectable timing ranges from 0. Other mounting styles available, go online or call. Snap-in panel mount design for easy installation and secure mounting. Provides a single source of instrumentation for all measurement and metering bl-10303.

Industry standard 8 or 11 pin socket connection. UL recognized, CE compliant. All units feature 0. Price Each … … 98F B includes instantaneous contacts. Programmable digital filtering enhances stability.

Jewell Instruments Llc Electronic Parts Distributors, ASAP Semiconductor

Accepts various temperature and analog inputs. The totalizer can also accumulate batch weighing options. C-5 series is a reset time totalizer mounted in steel housing with 2.


Resettable meters require the removal of the cover to perform the reset function. In addition to the 10 control inputs and three high-speed count inputs, the logic inputs also include: Screw terminals for signal and power. Note the model bl-10030 cam timer designated at top of column. Price Each 62F Model E, is a 48 x 48mm dual-level preset counter that can be configured as a single preset counter with batch control output. Due to the internal digital filtering to this input, up to 30 msec.

Normal mounting in vertical position, from back of panel. Red Or Green 18M 17M Three adapter panels are also available for fitting additional panel dimensions. Snaps onto DIN rail. Time setting ranges can be programmed in seconds, minutes, or hours. LEDs monitor power and output relays. The Hour Meters are available in 8 different housings, including a surface mount inductive input model. Unit offers 2 independent SPST amp circuits with manual override switches dp, wide operating voltage: Protects against dust, falling dirt, salt spray, dripping water, and non-corrosive liquids.

Voltage output is rated 12VDC, 20mA with short-circuit protection. Offers maximum visibility with a custom backlit LCD display.