As The Dragon Lensman opens, the Boskonian conspiracy seems to have been vanquished with its defeat at the great Battle of Klovia, and the. All about The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Publication: The Dragon Lensman Publication Record # ; Author: David A . Kyle; Date: ; ISBN: [].

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It is stated that this was the only thing the Arisians could not have done by themselves, but without its accomplishment the Eddorians would have eventually turned the tide and beaten the Arisians. Possibly somewhere there lensmqn a manuscript—I hope so!

Sep 04, Doug Farren rated it it was amazing. Become a LibraryThing Author.

A rollicking read, Kensman has provided a worthy successor to the mantle of space opera. Retrieved March 18, Gillian Bass rated it did not like it Aug 02, After undergoing advanced training, they are described as “third-stage” Lensmen, transcending humanity with mental scope and perceptions impossible for any normal person.

Second Stage Lensman 1 Lensman: The Lensman series is a classic which I periodically go back and reread. Now at this point I drsgon interject that the original was far from perfect- but written when was it was and with the whole genre really still trying to find its place out there I think it’s place in the Science fiction halls of fame is warranted.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She is a beautiful, curvaceous, red-haired nurse, who eventually becomes the first human female to receive her own Lens. Initially, Eternity Lensman comics consisted almost entirely of adaptations of the Lensman TV episodes.

The Unit focuses the accumulated power onto one tiny point of the Eddorians’ shields. T he “Second Stage Lensman” Trilogy is also available in hardcover with lenzman dust jacketsoffered exclusively as part of a limited collectors’ edition of sets, packaged in a deluxe foil-stamped slipcase, with each enclosed book individually numbered and signed by the author on a special bound-in plate.


The Dragon Lensman: Second Stage Lensman Trilogy – David A. Kyle – Google Books

I read this one a LONG time ago. So yes we have an author who was not only friends with the late Doc Smith but also was familiar and a fan of his work. The Galactic Patrol, summoned to work together in this way for the first time, contains billions of beings who in total can generate immense mental force. Jan 09, Jane rated it liked it. Centuries pass, and eventually the final generations of the breeding program are born. All titles are in stock, and orders placed through the publisher ship within 24 hours.

Smith, a valiant effort has been made to match the tone and scope of the Master. It cannot be worn by anyone other than its owner, will kill any other wearer, and even a brief touch is extremely painful. Their children, a boy and two pairs of fraternal twin sisters, grow up to be the five Children of the Lens.

Books by David A. Second Stage Lensman 1Lensman: Using the Lens as a means to test mental qualities and identify individuals able to help him, Virgil Samms visits races and species drsgon other star systems, recruiting the best of them and forming the nucleus of a Galactic Patrol. It can provide mind-reading and telepathic abilities. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Kyle opted to write about the three other alien second stage Lensman, starting with Worsel the Velantian. These include the development of intelligence by machines on the Planetoid of Knowledge, dragom galactic museum; the novel begins with an attack by them on Worsel the motivation for the attack being the feeling that machines have been subjugated by biological entities.


The Dragon Lensman

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The story is certainly imaginative, and depends on more than a passing familarity with Smith’s stories. Trivia About The Dragon Lensma Thomas rated it really liked it Jul 22, Soon it becomes clear that Civilization will need every bit of that knowledge, and more besides, to face the enemies that are now revealing themselves. Dan Staerk rated it liked it Oct 05, Project Gutenberg 0 editions.

And as for authorised there is a whole spectrum of “authorised” books out there too. So like the introduction says the danger was this would be some pastiche which felt like it was a hack attempt at cloning the original.

Second Stage Lensman 1.

Red Jacket Press | Books | The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle

Views Read Edit View history. The events in these books take place between Second-Stage Lensmen and Children of the Lens [ citation needed ] and refer to events and characters in Vortex Blaster. However rather than this being a standalone book or even the first part of the trilogy which it is it feels like they have taken a single book and cut it up I assume in to 3 I have yet to read the other two which means that there are all sorts of plot threads and concepts just ignored or left where they fell – now I assume they will be addressed in later books but still it fells like rather than reading a book I am reading the first 20 chapters of a bigger book.

On one side were the Arisians, uplifting agents of wisdom who had taken it upon themselves to mentor the younger races and steer them towards the enlightenment they called Civilization.