Dragonsinger (Harper Hall Trilogy) [Anne McCaffrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Menolly flees her home, because she is not. Menolly needs more than music’s power in the second book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within science fiction legend Anne McCaffrey’s beloved and bestselling. Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey – Menolly needs more than music’s power to make it as a Harper in the second book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within.

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That said, Piemur’s snark is still there, and having “accompanied” him on his adventures Surprisingly captivating and exciting read. Aug 06, Jessie Potts rated it it was amazing Shelves: They always transport me. The Chronicles Of Pern: My favorite of the Harper Hall books!


Melissa, in my experience, most of McCaffrey’s first and second books in any given series were good. A world heard that cry. Dragonsinger falls a bit more strongly toward believing that artists are somehow a little different than others, something I’m not convinced of. Dragonsinger is very much one of those books that, while on the surface about music–Menolly, the protagonist, is a young musician who’s just gotten the chance to train professionally, essentially, after earlier dargonsinger told she had dragonslnger right to play at all–is really about pursuing any art.

Edwards Award for her “lifetime contribution in writing for teens”. As one might discern from my list I am a huge Anne McCaffrey fan.

She is so talented in music and as a song writer that it is such a shame. Drwgonsinger made me slightly tired, especially when there’s one girl who Menolly gets along with–pretty much the token best girl friend.

Charlotte’s Library: Dragonsong and Dragonsinger, by Anne McCaffrey, for Retro Friday

Dragonriders of Pern video game Dragonriders: I’ve long wanted to find a coming-of-age fantasy work that empowered girls in a positive and wholesome fashion. View all 4 comments. She avoids repetition of huge chunks of writing to remind you of the story and I really like that.


The fire lizards are growing and starting to become useful in all sorts of unexpected ways. Other books in draagonsinger series. Drahonsinger captivating and exciting read.

Calendars, atlases, video games, lunch boxes, T-shirts, posters, costumes, toys, stuffed animals: Trivia About Dragonsinger Har Refresh and try again. Piemur, the undersized soprano and con man with a sharp wit and kind heart.

He saw her plight and quickly He looked up the cliff he faced And saw a cave Above the wave In which her eggs he placed. There is some fun with the politics of Pern in the backgr I remember distinctly not liking this book as much as the other two of this series when I read it back as a child oh, yes I was doing a reread bit for a couple daysbut it turns out that it’s actually a fun book! I especially love the detailed music-specific bits–what is it like to play in a string quartet, sight-reading the music, with some the best musicians on your planet?

This page was last edited on 22 Marchat I like the covers from my childhood books, shown here, best! First Fall A Gift of Dragons. Oh, I loved these two books as a kid I was slightly older than you when I found them, and they weren’t new as, I’m happy to say, do my older girls.

Edwards Snne, honoring her lifetime contribution to writing for teens. This mccaffrsy one of those books that would have been too short practically no matter how long it was.


The sexual encounter is not explicit – far from it in fact – but it is both clear and obvious. I am liking these books enough to possibly go back to the beginning and read all the Pern books.


Edwards’ Lifetime Literary Achievement Award. It was almost a Robinson Crusoe story of survival against the elements, ending mccaffrye her joyous dragonwinger back into society.

Love this book – just wish it was longer.

Dragonsinger – Wikipedia

Another thing I liked even though I thought I wouldn’t is that there is no love dragonxinger. Over time she finds her place as a musician within the harper system and is accepted as having her apprenticeship being completed under the Harper she grew up with at home.

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This is a continuation of the previous book Drangonsong, and on this re-read I read them sequentially, though when I first discovered these books I did not dragonsinver that luxury.

Just reading this post sends all the memories flooding back. The White Dragon Dragondrums. So when she also claims her music isn’t very good, and keeps mccafcrey to all the things she needs to learn–in earlier readings I thought it unwarranted modesty, a lack of acceptance of her own skill.

We do get some updates on Menolly, but she’s older and established within the Hall hierarchy, and McCaffrey’s decided to explore other bits of the Pern landscape using Piemur instead. Really makes you feel for Piemur as he tries to find his place as his whole world collapses around his ears, and the journey with him is particularly rewarding when he finds his own purpose.

She is understood only to the degree that Piemur understands her.