Dragonspear can refer to: Dragonspear Castle, an abandoned fortress known for its interplanar portals. Daeros Dragonspear, the founder of Dragonspear. Dragonspear Castle is a location in the fictional Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. General[edit]. Dragonspear Castle is a ruined castle on the. Dragonspear Castle Basement is an area that appears in both chapter 10 and chapter In chap 10, you gain access to it via The Warrens but the upper.

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Once you reach the location, start moving in northeastern direction. Art sellers that conduct fraudulent activity or that receive numerous complaints from buyers will have this badge revoked.

Facebook, Instagram app and this particular app won’t let you do it! After reaching the pass you will meet with Caelar. Protect your artwork with our premium Dust Cover. You must use the Safari browser to use csatle feature.

The Siege of Dragonspear Castle

After a short conversation the battle will start. Many cities in the area look to rebuild the castle, while some evil organizations have their eye on it as a base. A shrine to Tempus is now the distinguishing feature of the stronghold, as the army that has remained at Dragonspear now works to protect the castle from invading creatures. If you change your mind, click here to modify your decision.

In each of these encounters you must try to eliminate the leaders as quickly as possible – they are most dangerous. If you would like to choose this medium, please make sure that your chosen size is at least 8×10, but no greater than 58x If you believe that your device supports that functionality, you may just need to reload this page to let the browser try to activate your camera again.


An underground river flows nearby, although its waters are treacherous. Unfortunately, the dragon’s hoard was coveted by outsiders, and a southern wizard’s manipulations led to the creation of the planar portal, the death of Daeros and the dragon, and the ransacking of the castle. Select any excuse in order to guarantee the right to use the elevator and reach the Dragonspear Castle Basement.

Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies xp Death of Valis makes 1 minor bottle of healing, speaking to the Corinth after Valis is dead he gives away his bow. If you want to find Hephernaan as quickly as possible, then go through the main corridor to the northeast and after reaching the closed gate enter the northwestern room. The negotiations will be very linear.

Canvas Wraps We use only the finest canvas available to us today to produce your artwork. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Ready to Hang means the print will arrive ready to hang on your wall. Siege of Dragonspear Game Guide by gamepressure.

You should move there just after you are detected by Hephernaan because the game will allow the party to use the elevator even if the protagonists are chased by crusaders. Each image is printed using a genuine smooth gloss paper designed specifically for the facemount process.

Made from solid wood with a satin finish. Dragonspeaar contact us if you have any special requirnments. Plus, our latest version has an even wider color gamut and an improved white point for greater contrast. Refunds will be provided to anyone who pre-orders a copy but is unable to attend the convention.

Dragonspear Castle – Wikipedia

Meeting in the camp – Main quest Exploring the caves under Dragonspear castle – Main quest Defending the camp – Main quest. This article needs additional citations for verification. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Once you’re back in the giant cave complex Underground Riverstart going through the same way towards the exit in the eastern corner of rragonspear map. The image displayed is just an example, and is not available for sale.


The back of your canvas is covered by a white “Tyvek” dust cover which does not rip.

BG Dragonspear Castle

After returning to the caves a short conversation with Einer and Betror will start. Go back to Coalition Camp after opening the world map. Made from solid poplar hardwood each frame is hand cut and custom fitted for your artwork. The castle, once the home of famed dwarven adventurer Daeros Dragonspear, contains both a portal to a hellish dimension and a passage to the Underdark and has for years been a launching point for raids by evil monsters and marauders.

If you would like to choose this medium, please make sure that your chosen size is at least 8×10, but no greater than 48x We can ask what will happen if they meet in battle. Telling them story is not complicated – simply select the longest dialogue options and don’t end the story too early. When you choose the border color option, no portion of the image will be lost on the front side of the canvas.

Image Overflow is when the image wraps around the sides of the canvas. Your email this will be the “from” email. First reach the southern exit from Warrens. This will allow the party to get into the palace basement in which you can castel Hephernaan. All sales will be managed by Gale Force Nine. Snag the Annotated Map.