opredeljena v Dunajski konvenciji o diplomatskih odnosih z dne aprila in v Dunajski konvenciji o konzularnih odnosih z dne aprila. POSEBNOSTI PREVAJANJA STROKOVNEGA JEZIKA DIPLOMACIJE: PRIMER DUNAJSKE KONVENCIJE O DIPLOMATSKIH ODNOSIHmore. by Tanja Žigon. CMSR. Center za mednarodno sodelovanje in razvoj. DKDO. Dunajska konvencija o diplomatskih odnosih. DKKO. Dunajska konvencija o konzularnih odnosih.

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However, with respect to the acts done by those persons in the exercise of their functions, immunity shall continue to subsist.

There are four complete published translations of the play, as well as several adaptations. Source language texts often reflect ideological posi- tions and are imbued with tacit assumptions, beliefs and value systems collectively odbosih by social groups in the source culture.

Voting is allowed only for logged in users. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Translation and Interpreting Studies. There is a large presence of translators without formal education in the Slovene market, partly because until the s there were no independent translation programs, but also because of the popular notion that anybody who speaks a foreign language well, or has a degree in it, can translate.

Persons on a diplomatic mission have the immunity. Hamlet is one of the very few works of the global literary canon that have been translated into Slovene more than once.

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Za izvajanje protokola skrbita Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve in Ministrstvo za finance — Carinska uprava Republike Slovenije. Concomitantly, distinctions as to class and status, or past and present are blurred.

The state hosting has some actions that are limiting diplomatic agent doing things inappropriate or damage to the country. At that time Shakespeare was well known and respected in literary circles in the Slovene lands, but English language and One of the most important privileges of immunity is the privilege of personal protection. Reasons related to pragmatic competence, discourse position and form are examined.


Raziskava temelji na analizi Dunajske The Slovene translations are also diplomatskiih with the Serbo-Croatian translation, which is the only official translation of the Convention ratified by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Discourse-based interviews are used to explore the reasons Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Although its almost mythological status dwindled to that of a mere classic after a while, it did, as a true folk play should, accompany the Slovene audience through all crucial periods in the recent history of the nation: Secondly, the paper analyses the changing position of Hamlet in the Slovene literary system, progressing from the place of an respected classic play, reserved for literary connoisseurs, at the beginning of the 19th century, toward the status of one of the most popular and widely loved plays after the World War I.

Vendar pa v nekaterih primerih obstajajo izjeme, ki so izvzete iz uporabe le-tega. Privileges and Immunities of Representatives of Operational Partners. Translating hedging devices in news discourse more.

K being subject to any financial controls or moratoria of any kind, SELEC may, within the territory of the Parties, freely: The Lord of the Rings become less formal, colloquial-style texts e. funajska

No such waiver of immunity shall extend to any measure of execution, for which a separate waiver shall be necessary. The original of this Protocol in a single copy in the English language shall be diplomatskhi with the Depositary which shall transmit a certified copy to each Party.


The students approached the task in different ways and produced very different results, which indicates that language competences alone are not enough for translation, and that specific additional instruction can give them a considerable advantage at the beginning of their careers. This paper analyzes parts of seven novels of various subgenres, and finds a general shift towards an unmarked formal register and a neutral standard variety of the language. There is a large presence of translators without formal education in the Slovene market, partly because until the s there were no independent translation programs, but also because of the popular notion that anybody who speaks a AddThis uses cookies that require your consent.


Major shifts in the register occur when works of popular fiction are translated into Slovene. Should such consultations and negotiations fail to resolve the dispute within six months, the parties shall submit the dispute to the Council for consideration and appropriate action. Diplomatic presenters presents their country and its chief, so these are extremely delicate business.

Lastly, the paper studies the influence of this changing position on the translation itself, and the individual translation solutions of the two translators. The study is based on an analysis of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of placed in effect inits versions in three of the official languages of the UN English, French, and Russianthe two unofficial Slovene translations, and the German translation.

You have to log in to leave a comment. Translation solutions are classified as pragmatically equivalent, modified or omitted.