Dux Britanniarum is a set of skirmish wargames rules set during the Age of Arthur . The Setting. The game is set in the 5th century. The Roman. Dux Britanniarum Army Deals – Gripping Beast produce high quality 28mm Metal and Plastic Miniatures for painting and playing, from different eras which. After reading many positive reviews of Dux Britanniarum, and having had great games with Sharp Practice, I got the full set of the game along.

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Above that were the Scotti and the Picts.

I try very hard to keep our rules affordable without compromising on production quality. A note on model count at this point — the starting forces number no more that 40 troops a britanniarum, which makes the game very accessible for most players. In fact Lard Island is already awash with Picts, Scotti and Irish raiding and nicking everything in sight.

Meeples & Miniatures

Okay, but I could set my campaign anywhere in the British Isles? Bgitanniarum pig-herding Saxon warriors continued to try to move britannixrum charges down the flank, but the British skirmishers had moved across to them so they were now being harassed by slingshot as well as making continuous poor movement rolls.

Saxons are from my Anglo-Dane and Viking forces for Saga, but hopefully we will have some plastic Thegns being painted up before the campaign starts in earnest to replace the guys swinging the 2-handed axes with gay abandon.

Each campaign year consists of eight months in which campaigning is possible, each campaign turn is one month and thus you get a maximum of 8 games out of one year.

Dux Britanniarum – the Author Interviewed – Lard Island News

Fall of the Reich…. The big question is whether you use these to gain an immediate advantage or whether you husband your resources a bit more carefully. Okay, so rules, cards, a large map, is there anything else we may need? Especially in the beginning Raids will be the norm as the Saxons will just test the strength of the Romano-British forces, have to plunder to keep going and acquire wealth.


Phyrric victories are all well and good in a typical one-off wargame, but with the campaign added they can have huge implications. Saxons caught by British. Painting, Modelling and Scenery They rolled high for the evade and ended up quite a way back from the ford — perhaps a bit too far back….

Review – Dux Britanniarum – Meeples & Miniatures

Fall of the Reich… Sgt Steiner on Battlegroup: Your troops are britanbiarum into groups, usually of at least 6 models, and it is possible during the game for several groups to amalgamate into a formation. The campaign is pretty much at the core of Dux Britanniarum, rather than being bolted on in the back of the book or released as a supplement. July 10, at Plays a metric ton of skirmish wargames and shares his experiences here on the blog. Dux Britanniarum was a military post in Roman Britainprobably created by Diocletian or Constantine I during the late third or early fourth century.

Raiders charge the Levy. After the game is complete the post battle phase and that is where the dx in the Fate Deck have a different function again. You could play the basic game without the cards and it would be fast paced and simple, once you add the cards you really make the game more multi-dimensioned and it fits in beautifully with the campaign. A leader, once activated, can then give orders to groups and formations around him.

Things changed in Turn 2. Also the first hard copy customers will get a free limited edition sculpt of Arthur in 28mm. The fight was hard fought and though they managed to take another cavalry man with them, the group of British Warriors lost 2 more dead and took enough shock to rout them from the field, so they ran taking britannarum force morale with them.


You say raiding, can I conquer your lands or am I just a German bandit out to mug you for some cash. Okay, the main map of Britain has over twenty Kingdoms on it, you choose the one you want to britnniarum over and the campaign becomes the story of that particular Kingdom, almost the Annals if we want to use a period phrase.

My Saxons were going to fight off the British with their elite units, while the Warrior units did the herding — the Saxons had to get 2 groups of pigs off the table to win. Force Morale Trackers can be downloaded here: Britaanniarum the Lord Spares Us 3. The supplement has been promised for a long time, though this has given me time to paint up a sizeable band of Scots, Irish and Picts even with my glacial painting speed.

Defence in Depth July 15, Britain is divided into four britanniafum areas: By the end of turn 2, the British warriors were positioned in front of the church but in their haste they had not adopted any formation and their Levy were following on, whereas the Picts, seeing their way to the church blocked, paused for breath drew some Fate cards in other words and ranked up.

Is this by Richard Ansell again? With the Dark nights creeping in and the inclination to spend the evening sat before a warming fire, what better time could there be than to reach for a copy of Dux Britanniarum, our Dark Age rules, and summon up