NOTE: AXA is a new version of the AX+ with the same performance but . The ID is a unique value in the network to identify each DYNAMIXEL with an. Dynamixel AXA Smart Serial Servo and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Dynamixel AXA Smart Serial Servo (6pk) and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics.

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The Control Table is divided into 2 Areas.

Dybamixel is to set the control flexibility of the motor. Users can check current status of the device by reading a specific Data from the Control Table with Read Instruction Packets.

It is the present moving speed. The unit is 0. It is the value of the maximum torque limit. Microcontrollers and development boards micro: The chart below compare the Dynamixel actuators on their performance. Initial Values in the RAM area are restored when the device is turned on.

The range and the unit of the value may vary depending on the operation mode. It is a moving speed to Goal Position. The most recent main controllers support embedded C and there is a SDK for you to developp your own applications. Stall torque is the maximum aax-12a and static torque.


If it is set to Wheel Mode, Goal Position value is not used. Dynamixel can protect itself by detecting errors occur during the operation.

Dynamixel AXA Actuator from robotis

If the function of Alarm Shutdown is triggered, the motor loses its torque because the value becomes 0. The European personal programmable robot specialist. Poppy platform Poppy Humanoid Poppy Torso. Check the power polarity before wiring.

In order to read or write dynqmixel, users must designate a specific Address in the Instruction Packet. You may need to remove the bearing set from the previous actuator and reinstall it into the new actuator. Its low cost makes it a best seller for all non-essential mechanical functions of your robot. When the internal temperature is out dynamixdl the range of operating temperature set in the Control Table.

Please check the size of data when updating the data with an Instruction Packet. Comparison between all Dynamixel servomotors.

Only the AXA is now being sold. When the temperature alarm shutdown occurs, wait 20 minutes to cool the temperature before re-use.

This value is 10 times larger than the actual voltage. I confirm the dynamxiel terms of use. Grove Grove kits Grove modules Grove shields. It is the internal temperature of Dynamixel in Celsius. Once alignment is properly done, gently push the center of the horn toward the actuator. Cut power off if product emits strange odors or smoke. Therefore, it may be inaccurate for measuring weight or torque.


Dynamixel AX-12A Actuator

Structure and chassis Structural parts Robotics chassis Cables and screws. The range and the unit of the value is the same as Goal Position Address 30, The Control Table is a structure of data implemented in the device.

The Control Table has two different access properties. Its low cost makes it very useful for every part of your robots that do not require high precision and power.

When the power is turned on, Torque Limit Address 34 and 35 uses the value as the initial value. About us Press room Partners Educational resources. The Control Table is a structure that consists of multiple Data fields to store status or to control the device. The motor cannot exceed the maximum rpm with the higher Moving Speed value.

The picture above is the front view of Dynamixel. The errors can be set are as the table below. It is the size of the present voltage supplied.