View and Download Kodak Easy Share DX user manual online. zoom digital camera. Easy Share DX Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for. Kodak DX Digital Camera User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 1. Open as PDF. of 5. Quick Review. Kodak EasyShare. DX User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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Quite compact in light of the large lens, the DX has an overall body design similar to a number of other long-zoom digicams on the market, with a generous handgrip on the right-hand side, balancing the large lens on the left. Message High camera temperature.

For power, the DX uses a single lithium-ion battery pack, which comes with the camera, providing plenty of capacity for longer excursions. While the only focused with average speed in my tests under normal room illumination, the dual-mode AF system again seemed to produce real benefits under low-light conditions.

Program mode keeps the camera in charge of aperture and shutter speed, but offers expanded exposure options through the Record menu. Aspheric dx6409 elements help produce sharp images from corner to corner, because they can bring light rays originating from the center of the lens and the manuaal into focus at the same point.

While the frame is displayed, you can: Don’t show me this message again. See Kodak EasyShare software Help for details. Then, all the pictures you take are tagged with those easushare names.

Optical zoom is effective when the lens is no closer than 2. Sets the camera’s sensitivity to Auto, or to 80,or ISO equivalents. To register later, visit www. I’m usually not a fan of EVFs, because they’re generally useless at low light levels.

In Playback mode, pressing this button returns the camera to the selected Record mode. Turn off the camera and place it in the camera dock see For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the DX’s “pictures” page.


Extending Battery Life The camera dock powers your camera, transfers pictures, and is also a battery charger for the Li-Ion battery included with your camera. Charging The Battery No lights Camera is not properly docked. Given the amount of email I’ve gotten on the topic, I now include this paragraph in all my digicam reviews.

Trust me, needing this is not a matter of if, but when If albums have been set up and downloaded to the camera, you can associate images dc6490 a specific album as they are recorded. Night mode optimizes the camera esayshare darker portraits and other night scenes, combining the flash with shutter speeds as long as a half-second to let more light into the image from the surroundings. The six-frame maximum burst length applies regardless of resolution, manuual may be further limited if there isn’t enough space on the memory card or the camera’s internal memory to store a full sequence.

Burst is ideal for capturing sporting events or objects in motion. To restore addresses and albums, see Kodak EasyShare dx6940 Help. All screen images are simulated.

If you turned off anti-virus software, turn it back on. To the right of the Delete button, this button displays the settings menu in Playback or Record modes. Press the Maanual button to exit the menu.

The camera continues with Kodak’s very user-friendly interface and uncomplicated menu layout, and the varying levels of exposure control allow novice users to gradually step up control as they learn more about photography.

Note though, that the zoom can only be adjusted in movie mode when you’re not actually recording a movie. The DX proves no exception to this rule, even with its enhanced exposure features. Contents may change without notice. Press the Review button again, or; Press the Shutter button half-way down.

Kodak makes good use of the DX’s top panel real estate, which features the Shutter, Flash, Focus, and Drive buttons, as well as the pop-up flash exsyshare button and a small speaker. Docking the Camera To charge the battery or to transfer pictures and videos from the camera to the computer: Adds images to an image album, created on a computer with the camera’s interface software.


Kodak Easy Share DX6490 User Manual

PASM settings, 21 location, iii joystick, iv Index Kodak EasyShare software getting help, installing, 77 upgrading, Kodak web sites, landscape, 22 landscape button, vi language, setting, 71 LCD screen, iv changing display, 7 lens cleaning, See the camera Start Here!

Takes you to the same setup menu as described above for the still-capture record menu system. Chapter 4 to locate the picture or video to Press to highlight Protect press the OK button. Before you begin, close all software applications that are open on your computer including anti-virus software. Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune.

Install the Software

After transferring, the camera dock resumes charging as necessary. Flash and Self Timer are disabled when you use Burst. Reviewing Pictures And Videos Reviewing Pictures and Videos When the camera is in the dock, the camera is powered by the dock, not the camera batteries.

Got it, continue to easyhare. See the Kodak EasyShare manial Help for details. Sets the color balance to Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, or Fluorescent essyshare. Changing Optional Settings Press the Menu button to access optional picture-taking settings. External flash connector Chapter 2 Turn off the camera and flash unit. The flash setting can be changed in any Still mode except Burst. The DX lets you set up albums through its interface software on a computer.

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