In The Wall Street Journal, Victor Davis Hanson named With the Old Breed one of Now E. B. Sledge’s acclaimed first-person account of fighting at Peleliu and. In his own book, Wartime, Paul Fussell called With the Old Breed “one of the finest memoirs to emerge from any war.” John Keegan referred to it in The Second. WITH THE OLD BREED At Peleliu and Okinawa By E.B. Sledge Illustrated. pages. Ballantine Books. $ Eugene Bondurant Sledge.

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With the Old Breed

Views Read Edit View history. As I crawled out of the abyss of combat and over the rail of the Sea Runner, I realized that compassion for the suffering of others is a burden to those who have it. Instead, I want to highlight a few sentences from the book that in my mind capture the book as a whole: Eugene Sledge would seem an unlikely author of what I consider the most powerful memoir of war in the Pacific theater.

Sledge’s memoir of his experience fighting in the South Pacific during World War II so devastatingly powerful is its sheer honest simplicity and compassion.

With the Old Breed – Wikipedia

The book is full of small stories like this, decent men snapping, breaking, going feral, or just losing their will to live, and then afterwards brefd to live with what they have been through. Their snipers will deliberately target men on stretchers and medical corpsmen, and Sledge describes finding the corpses of American Marines who’d had their penises cut off and stuffed into their mouths. The Engine 2 Diet: Time had no meaning, life had no meaning.

Read as sobering history or as high adventure, With the Old Breed is a moving chronicle of action and courage. Sledge never romanticizes war.

For anyone else, it is still a very good, very enjoyable read. And olr you get killed, and if the Japanese end up with your body, they will mutilate it. Logistikens grunder Kent Lumsden kr.

I have read this book twice, it is a classic account of one Marines experiences in the Pacific during World War 2. We just wished that people back home could understand how lucky they were and stop complaining about trivial inconveniences.


He talks about battle fatigue. References to this book Seeing the Elephant: Then I told myself that God loved us all and that many would die or be ruined physically or mentally or both by the next morning and in the days following. Sledge wrote starkly of the brutality displayed by Japanese soldiers during the battles and of the hatred that both sides harbored for each other.

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

But Peleliu was different. Sledge describes in detail the sheer physical struggle of living in a combat zone and the debilitating effects of constant fear, fatigue, and filth. This book wit be recommended highly enough! Losing Your Humanity Savagery was evident on both sides, though far more so on the Japanese. Very personal and moving memoir of the horrors and fighting experienced during the Peleliu and Okinawa campaigns. Based on the notes he kept on slips of paper tucked secretly away in his New Testament, he simply and directly recalls those long months, mincing no words and sparing no pain.

So while he is able to note the strategic significance of the battles he was in with historical hindsight, mostly what he is describing is what he perceived at the time produced from notes he took as he was therethe view of an enlisted man who often had no idea why they were being told sledeg go to this particular island or take that particular hill.

Is it gonna sledgs them guys from gettin’ hit? But tye folks back home couldn’t understand what we experienced, what in our eeb seemed to set us apart forever from anyone who hadn’t been in combat. He believed it was God speaking to him, and like Private Ryan, decided this meant he had to make his life somehow worth his surviving. Anyone seeking to learn of the experiances of a frontline Marine in World War 2, there is no better account.

But he also shows great disdain for fellow Marines who don’t show respect for the dead Japanese they come across, or his military superiors who make questionable ethical or strategic decisions. The book was first published under its final title by the Presidio Press in But it also breev us loyalty to each other—and love. He explains clearly where he knows what is going on and also explains what he was thinking when it was SNAFU.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Been wanting to read this for lod some time. This is without doubt one of the best first-hand-accounts i’ve ever read about the war in the pacific during world war two.

It never before occurred to me that under sledhe conditions, there is no way to dispense of human waste. What a waste, I thought.

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by Eugene B. Sledge

This incredible account, told with frank detachment, is hailed as the best World Brede II memoir of an enlisted man, and with good reason. Sledge witnesses one young Marine cut open the face of a fatally wounded Japanese soldier to pry his gold teeth out of him. Oswalt had been bresd wounded in the head. He explains how everyone was afraid and how some handled it differently from others.

To Eugene Sledge, and to the many others who have fought and many who have died to preserve for us so many things we take for granted He details the hardships and how hatred of the Japanese developed and hardened even the most sensitive among them.

Average American citizens left veterens feeling quite at bfeed loss upon their return home So, under constant shelling, threat of infiltrating, nighttime attacks, surrounded by decomposing bodies–some of whom were friends–with rotting feet, hungry, constantly wet from relentless rain, these poor babies also had to stew in their own poop.