Ehcache Guide & Reference. Version .. Ehcache Concepts. KeyEhcacheClasses. otherconfigurationfiles. Ehcache Documentation Overview CURRENT: Configuration XSD. Reference XSD for configuration Ehcache2 to Ehcache3 Migration Guide. Expiry. Locality of Reference. While Ehcache concerns itself with Java objects, caching is used throughout computing, from CPU caches to the.

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Ehcache is a pure Java cache with the following features: Ehcache is used by LinkedIn to cache member profiles. The user guide says it’s possible to get at 2. Introduction Ehcache is a cache library. Before getting into ehcache, it is worth stepping back and thinking about caching generally.

About Caches Wiktionary defines a cache as A store of things that will be required in future, and can be retrieved rapidly. That is the nub of it. In computer science terms, a cache is a collection of temporary data which either duplicates data located elsewhere or is the result of a referencce. Once in the cache, the data can be repeatedly accessed inexpensively. Because many computer systems exhibit locality of reference. Data that is near guiee data or has just been used is more likely to be used again.

The idea that a small number of items may make up the bulk of sales, a small number of blogs might get the most hits and so on. While there is a small list of popular items, there is a long tail of less popular ones. They don’t just appear in ecommerce, but throughout nature. One form of a Power Law distribution is the Pareto distribution, commonly know as the This phenomenon is useful for caching.

Will an Application Benefit from Caching?

The short answer is that it often does, due to the effects noted above. While the focus for caching is on improving fhcache, it it also worth realizing that it reduces load.


The time it takes something to complete is usually related to the expense of it. So, caching often reduces load on scarce resources. The role of caching, if there is one, is to temporarily store computations that may be reused again. An example from ehcache would be large web pages that have a high rendering cost.

Another caching of authentication status, where authentication requires cryptographic transforms. In the case of databases they can be limited by both. There is aand Moore’s law for hard disks.

Ehcache Guide and Reference now available as a book

A 10, RPM disk was fast 10 years ago and is still fast. Hard disks are speeding up by using their own caching of blocks into memory.

Network operations can be bound by a number of factors: Some examples of ehcache uses are: Increased Referennce Scalability The flip side of increased performance is increased scalability. Say you have a database which can do expensive queries per second. After that it backs up and if connections are added to it it slowly dies. In this case, caching may be able to reduce the workload required. If caching can cause 90 of that to be cache hits and not even get to the database, then the database can scale reverence times higher than otherwise.

How much will an application speed up with Caching? The short answer The short answer is that it depends on a multitude of factors being: Therefore the speed up mostly depends on how much reuse a piece of data gets.

Spring 4 Cache Tutorial with EhCache – WebSystique

In a system where each piece of data is used just once, it is zero. In a system where data is reused a lot, the speed up is large. The long answer, unfortunately, is complicated and mathematical.

It is considered next. EHCache is not a distributed cache. Its clearly reefrence out in the documentation. It can adn other cache instances by copying data or by invalidation. Ehcache has merged withTerracotta as of August Ehcache can now be distributed into a coherent distributed cache using the Terracotta Server Array. So developers can have the simplicity, performance, and robust API of Ehcache, and the scalability, HA capabilities, and data coherence of Terracotta.


Plus you get some really useful tools to help you see what’s happening aand the cache, manage cache policies like eviction, TTL, etc. If you use Ehcache today, distributing your cache with Terracotta is a very simple configuration change.

Check it out at http: We were facing some problem of scalability and performance and the best way we figure out was the use of distributed caching solution. So we decided to use NCache which is. NET distributed caching solution which also provides support for Java app as ehcaxhe.

It seems, that ehcache-from-box can’t be used as distributed cache. To use it for cache distribution you also need of Terracotta Enterprise Suite. And it is commercial solution. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Explain the Cloud Like I’m Reader Comments 6 EHCache is not a distributed cache.

November 29, Anonymous. November 29, Wayne Weber. Hello Everyone, Just to provide an update to earlier comments: The appropriate updates to documentation for Ehcache and Terracotta are now underway. Thanks, Jeff Terracotta Product Team. October 22, Jeff Hartley. April 23, watson.

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