The Monster of Florence is the name commonly used by the media in Italy for a series of eight . The book The Monster of Florence: A True Story by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi casts doubts on the culpability of Pacciani as Il Mostro. El monstruo de Florencia: una historia real by Douglas J. Preston; Mario Spezi at – ISBN – ISBN Libros de segunda mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Terror, Misterio y Policíaco: El monstruo de florencia douglas preston con mario spezi.

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The way they twisted and contorted “facts” to fit their narrative was absolutely shocking. This was my first encounter with a true crime book and if most of the works mosntruo this genre are written in this format then I would eventually turn to a devoted reader.

As Preston dryly observed, they don’t merely deal with the evil of ‘The Monster’, but also the evil of various self-serving third parties. So it was like being squeezed into the best kind of hug by a favorite family member you haven’t seen in a long time.

Somehow I missed Monster of Florence but I’m so glad I picked it up on audio for a recent road trip with my husband. Published June 12th by Grand Central Publishing first published You’re no better than the police who refuse to listen to any of your theories. The police files are full of false leads, bungled investigations, wild monstruk, lost clues, and political pressure.

In interrogation, the man named the former medical practitioner, Francesco Caccamo, who was investigated as a possible accomplice.

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

I tend to be left brained prestoon these types of things montruo love a good ending to a good serial killer mystery. Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, inand grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley. Spezi and Preston track down the person they believe had the best chance to come into possession of that pistol, the son of one of the original suspects, and he turns out to be a fairly ominous person.

But in the case of this book, the themes include the witch hunt mentality, the danger of conspiracy theories, and the general inability of human beings to think critically and question their own beliefs. First half of the book: And this is the nature of the evil in each and every one monstruoo us.


They are empty and angry.

The Monster of Florence

This is a harrowing section, as Preston goes from fairly confident we Americans are, it seems, programmed to assume the innocent will be freed to the gradual realization that he could, indeed, end up in jail on the slimmest of evidence. Another side of this book is how Preston captures the beauty of the Italian countryside. This book details the investigation into a series of murders that began in and finally ended in The character of Mario Spezi comes into the story line as a rookie journalist who is yet to hit that big scoop every one i n this field of work is constantly on the lookout for.

As Preston notes, the surreal case built against them feels very much like something out of Kafka’s The Trialbut it has the added horror of really happening. The killer stalked amorous young couples and would single out those parked or camping out in the countryside.

Who is the real monster of Florence? Like one of Preston’s thrillers, The Monster Of Florencetells a remarkable and prestn story involving murder, mutilation, and suicide-and at the center of it, Preston and Spezi, caught in a bizarre prosecutorial vendetta.

Im leaving in the morning for Italy and dare not say a negative word about the Italian police and judicial system! Dude can afford to drop everything and move to Florence with his wife and two children on a a whim and b a moment’s notice.

It’s so obviously a story about the blindness of privilege and Preston so completely fails to come to grips with the way he forces his friends into the roles he imagines their identities to be that I find it mostly a frustrating scaffold around the actual story.

View all 3 comments. All in all, this is an engrossing read, and one that I have to say was personally disillusioning, for I have like many a rather romantic view of Italy, bolstered by an idyllic summer I spent there studying in Perugia Judge Mignini’s very own home turf back in the 70’s.

At the end of July prosecutors conducted an examination of the DNA which was then linked to the suspects. The result is a somewhat circuitous argument with no resolution. That fact that florencja book mnostruo a true story hits home when the drama becomes more personal. The fact that the Undisclosed podcast is bringing forth insurmountable evidence against the prosecutors and investigators of Adnan’s case prove that we never knew the whole story.


The first half of the book reads like a straightforward true-crime novel, with descriptions of the seven ritualistic killings in all their gory detail.

After graduating, Preston began his career at the American Museum of Natural Duoglas in New York as an editor, writer, and eventually manager of publications.

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The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston (4 star ratings)

This would have been good enough to keep me reading, but the most frightening thing about this book to me was the whole misguided system of justice in Italy, as portrayed and lived by Preston and Spezi. Didn’t have the tension or storytelling verve of an Erik Larson book, which I was expecting.

The Monster of Florence 2 6 Apr 15, This monwtruo where Preston’s story begins. Politics and well, a bit of stupidity lead the investigation into some bizarre areas that have no merit, and soon Spezi finds himself on the wrong end ppreston the law, as does Preston. The scoop however comes his way through a chance assignment on the crime beat wherein he gets a first hand look at a brutal double murder by a serial killer just starting off on his trophy hunt.

Despite the descriptions of the Monster’s depraved killings in the first half of the book, it’s the second half that is truly chilling. Amazon Music Stream millions of douvlas. See 1 question about The Monster of Florence…. The cast of chacacters grow and the years pass. He is probably still laughing right now, if he’s still alive. Once there florenci decided to write a non-fiction book about the monster in collaboration with Florncia Spezi, a journalist who had been writing about the subject for years.

And jeez Louise the incompetence of the Italian criminal justice system and police was getting on my nerves.