Fig. Portable TENS device Modulation of TENS It is believed that the body tissues may get accommodated to TENS current and hence to prevent this. Meaning of eletroterapia in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. GRAMMATICAL CATEGORY OF ELETROTERAPIA. 1 .. 3. eletroterapia tens. 4. Buy Omron Pain Relief TENS Unit (PM) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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Enviado por Islane flag Denunciar. Constant Power indicator light Pulse width 90 60 50 60 30 60 C 8 N N Pulse frequency Timer 20 10 4 2 90 50 36 Basics of Electrotherapy together. Frequency modulation is characterized by gradual and continuous changes in frequency.

For example, if modulated frequency is selected, as Hz then frequency will gradually vary from 90 to in a manner like 90, 91, 92… and once again same trend will be continued. In pulse width modulation there will be gradual and continuous changes in pulse width. Tesn amplitude modulation there is continuous and automatic variation in amplitude.

In burst modulation the output is in form of groups of stimuli ranging from one to ten.

And in train modulation the output is similar to the arrangements of bogies in a freight train. Here the frequency is above 50 Hz. It is used for acute pain. While applying this form of TENS only perceptible intensity is used. Here the frequency is below 50 Hz.

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It is used for chronic pain and while applying this type of TENS high intensity is used. Mechanism of Analgesia Exact mechanism of analgesia is not known. Endorphins are morphine like endogenous transmitter substances. They occur naturally in brain and pituitary glands.


Endorphins from the brain circulate and block the pain sensation as a result of TENS application. Ronald Melzac and Patrick Wall described the gate control theory in to explain the mechanism of analgesia. Theme of this theory eletroetrapia, pain may be blocked at various gates through which pain impulse travels to the brain.

Basics of Electrotherapy

These gates are located at neuronal synapses in the spinal cord. Gate control theory In figure, L: Information leading to pain generation passes through gate and depends upon the balance activity in large and small afferent nerve fibres and in the fibres descending down from higher centers. The transmission of pain sensation depends upon the activation of the transmission cell T by large or small nerve fibres.

The amount of transmission from these fibres to rens T cell is governed intern by the action of a further cell in substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord SG. Eletrterapia produces its effect by presynaptic and postsynaptic inhibition. It is inhibited by small fiber activity namely those known to be concerned with pain generation.

Normal Circumstances In normal circumstances there is low but constant rate of activity in small fibres, which maintain a state of readiness to transmit noxious stimulus. But normally the activity of large fibres predominates and hence T cell transmission for pain is inhibited via SG cell. Opening of Gate When number of noxious impulses rises in small fibres then there is simultaneous activity in large fibres, which initially inhibits discharge of T cell by action upon the SG cell. However, summation takes place in small fibres and activity reaches a fens at which the SG cell is inhibited by it and T cell becomes active.

The gate is opened and transmission to the brain takes place and patient feels pain. Central activity also influences the situation, thus it may elftroterapia or inhibit pain information. For example in heightened anxiety, the level of pain is increased, as it seems that activity generated in the limbic system of brain and transmitted via reticular formation of brain stem results in opening of gate.


On the other hand, pain may not be experienced while an individual is engaged in sporting contest. Perhaps it may be due to inhibitory effects of higher centers, which closes the gate.

ELETROTERAPIA – Definition and synonyms of eletroterapia in the Portuguese dictionary

This closes the gate and causes analgesia. The duration for which this gate remains closed varies Muscle Nerve Stimulating Currents 39 and is directly proportional to the number of noxious impulses in small fibres. NaK Pump and Pain Relief by TENS Repetitive antidromic stimulation of postsynaptic axon can alter extra cellular potassium ion concentration and reduces the excitatory postsynaptic potential.

Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, intraarticular hemorrhage, etc. It can also be used in the treatment of the acute pain such as obstetric or labor pain, acute trauma, acute orofacial pain, postoperative pain, and primary dysmenorrhea. It is also used in the treatment of pain due to various muscle disorders such as muscle spasm, spastic torticollis, myositis, myalgia, and muscle strain.

It can be used in the treatment of neoplasic conditions. In severe neoplasic pain, TENS can be used for 24 hours a day with a portable device.

Psychogenic and phantom pain: These pains also can be treated with TENS. However, precautions should be taken while applying the TENS in elstroterapia of pregnancy, area of carotid sinus, area of mouth, on the eyelids, epileptic patients, in patients with arrhythmias or myocardial disease, undiagnosed pain since it can mask the important diagnostic symptom.

Keep the TENS device.