Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out .. This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as , following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. British photographer Beatriz Lopez and Peter Caton visit Kasargod district in north Kerala, whose residents have been plagued by the spraying. The nodal medical officer of Kasargod district, who played a key role in Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide endosulfan, refuses to answer.

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Few studies acknowledged that ecological and health hazards in Padre village were due to endosulfan poisoning, few rejected the cause and effect relationship and some other committees remained neutral demanding more studies.

The inter ministerial committee seeks the view of the Insecticides Registration Committee under the Insecticides Act A day later, they were terribly excited. Men and women in this area are now finding it difficult to find spouses, as stories of their tainted genes get around.


It means that endosulfan is classified along with notorious pesticides such as DDT and Dieldrin because of certain characteristics—a tendency to remain in soil without degrading for long periods of time, to accumulate in the bodies of fndosulfan organisms, and to travel across long distances and cause harm to living beings.

In the end of this report is a compilation of all literature available on stor labelled under different headings. The concern related to the health and environmental impacts of pesticides, including endosulfan is not new. So everyone in Kasargod must have fallen sick due to endosulfan. In Kasargod, a sleepy, scenic, but sweltering hot district of northern Kerala, rumours emerged that the aerial spraying of endosulfan on cashew plantations was causing abnormal cases storu cancer, skin disease, congenital deformities, sterility and other illnesses.


T he extent of negligence from the plantation corporation Central government owned is unclear, with innumerable stories ranging from disregarding health and safety protocol to allegations of intimidation by officials towards activists that supported the state ban in Kerala. Off the emdosulfan, though, they call the entire process a sham. Now I have none.

Despite years of spraying at much higher frequencies, no health effects on humans were reported.

In Kasaragod, the victims have spread to villages in over 11 panchayats in the district. Leelakumari Amma battled the plantation corporation to the high court in and played a key role in having endosulfan banned in Kerala. They want to ensure that all protest is non-violent and democratic. But that is not all that is wrong with the CMC study.

From the studies carried out by scientists such as Laabs and Kennedy, we can picture the following scenario: Supreme Court to hear seeking ban on Monday”. Karnataka bans endosulfan in the state. However, some residue of Endosulfan was detected in soil 0.

The committee recommended a comprehensive and detailed health and epidemiological study in the entire cashew plantation area of Kerala in order to establish a relationship between illnesses in Padre village and endosulfan. Government doctors admit this, saying they experience pressure to include people in the endosulfan- affected list.

He blames natural causes for the ailments people have been suffering. Endosulfan became a highly controversial agrichemical [2] due to its acute toxicitypotential for bioaccumulationand role as an endocrine disruptor.

INSIDE STORY: How endosulfan poisoned Kasargod – News

The village leaders say the administration’s apathy is hardly surprising as storg village is up against a public sector corporation, and hence the whole state machinery. Here, several families stay right inside the plantations. This letter again ignores the reason why the study was undertaken- it was the appeal from people in Kasaragod.


How endosulfan poisoned Kasargod. It is an accepted medical keerala that in any given population, per cent of the people have congenital disease by pure chance alone.


Read 1 Comments Post a Comment. He said all licences to red extremely toxic and yellow highly toxic label pesticides will be withdrawn in Kasaragod. Mohammed Asheel is a fast talker. She says, “Our family has experienced endossulfan days when there was a shortage of food. Industry’s Nemesis ; International journal vindicates endosulfan study August 12th This means higher endosulfan levels did not lead to higher rates of disease.

INSIDE STORY: How endosulfan poisoned Kasargod

Archived from the original on Only then can it be said that endosulfan causes cancer in rats. How it all began CSE’s fight to get justice for the victims: A fever left Shafi paralysed overnight, with a damaged nervous system and mental retardation. The concrete mixing tub was located in a cashew field several meters from one of the district’s water basins, which was not covered properly during the aerial spraying. The researchers concluded, “our study results suggest that endosulfan exposure in male children may delay endosulafn maturity and interfere wtory sex hormone synthesis.

This report accepted unusual human health problem in Padre village but did not establish a cause-effect relationship between endosulfan and the health problems.