Enovia collaboration Platform is a Product Lifecycle management tool Distribution (Approximate) Matrix Query Language (MQL) What is it. mql-triggers-image2v2-small The underpinnings of ENOVIA V6 and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (3DXP) can be quite complex at first glance. You can execute mql command in JSP and JPO. Here is one example. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by.

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Note that the parenthesis should be used around the project variable name. Example of MQL Query: In this example, the user created the project variable with the name as, ‘Current Iteration’, using single quotes. Here is the most comon-used MQl Commands: Posted by Jing at Free text properties can be used in a manner similar to managed properties except there is no obvious concept of ordering in a text property. Tuesday, February 9, How to run mql command in Java.

Number Estimate 1 2 2 8 Some things to notice: Example of MQL Statement with clauses: The new ECR creation will help product engineer to create and prepare an ECR within one screen and implmented the foundation of change management – when initiating a change, product engineer need to know the impact of the change! Just like SQL, MQL consists of a set of statements that help the administrator set up and test a Matrix database quickly and efficiently.

This section is designed to explain how to use MQL in specific circumstances with specific examples. The examples below show their correct usage in MQL.

We can also modify, clearing and deleting vault with the help of modify, clearing and modify statement. Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 1: If that person is already defined, the statement is invalid and the transaction aborts—the statement is not processed and the database remains unchanged. User properties When using enovka properties in MQL, the user’s login should be used as the value.


As noted above, querying historical card information is not fully integrated into Mingle. Don’t list all possible product lines. This would create a table of cards that had the same value for the status property as the card this query was used on. About Me Jing View my complete profile. Where ‘Depend on’ is a card relationship property, this will show all cards which depend qml the same card which the current card depends on.

Enovia Engineering Central implements a Change Management process to manage the release of Parts and and its related specification. Back to previous page. Envia, that person is not the resposnbile design engineer and should create ECO and take ownership.

Enoviw names can always be quoted using single quotes. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by check the existence of Bill of Material. I heard lots of a complaints about this.

Two types of vaults: If there are stories with the same name, this will include the tasks for both stories even if only one of the stories is tagged with ‘potential 3. On the other hand, default sort order is numeric if the property contains purely numeric values and you are doing a numeric comparison. The change request and change implementation becomes a seamless process!

All vaults contain a complete set of Matrix definitions.

There is a known limitation with advanced MQL filters on card views. To compare the value of a relationship property with multiple values, you can use the IN operator with either the name or number:.


The add businessobject statements create businessobjectsand the checkin businessobject statements add the files.

ENOVIA Training – MQL and TCL Intro

Both of these relationship property values are cards. These six predefined properties can be used in MQL. Card 3 has an “Open” Status on July 13, All MQL Statement involve transactions. Once a transaction is committed, the statement is fully processed and it cannot be undone. In particular, with the introduction of the daily history chartwe wanted to provide a way to verify and analyze the chart data, which querying historical card data allows.

Tcl and Tk are widely available and documented. In a condition clause the following operators are supported: Relationship property values There are two types of relationship properties – Card Relationship Property and Tree Relationship Property. If you need to know about how to implement this or how to query database on the fly, please feel free to contact with me.

Again, this is a manually process and there is lots of room for mistakes.

Most importantly, we have not tested where the “AS OF” functionality does not work. If no error are detected, all changes made by the statements are permanently made to the database.

User Assistance

Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 8: Some examples of advantages are:. Therefore, I need to fix this process. For example, table query: MQL Statement consists of a keyword, clauses and values. For example, suppose a saved view has an advanced MQL filter of: