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Figure 4 shows a screen shot of my programmer with a 4k System 80 ROM image loaded.

File:27128 EPROM Silicon.jpg

This is why the ICs have a clear window in them; to allow the UV light to penetrate and erase the data. The process takes several minutes for UV lamps of convenient sizes; sunlight would erase a chip in weeks, and indoor fluorescent lighting over several years.

The erasing window must be kept covered with an opaque label to prevent accidental erasure by the UV found in sunlight or camera flashes.

The programming process is not electrically reversible. The differences between a ROM A and a and are: 27218 though, as many modern ones will not handle the smaller capacity ICs like the and ones found in very old microcomputers.

IC Datasheet: EPROM : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In effect, the stored charge on the floating gate allows the threshold voltage of the transistor to be programmed. Development of the EPROM 277128 cell started with investigation of faulty integrated circuits where the gate connections of transistors had broken. I had a Willem but it died so my current programmer is a Top out of China fig 3.


In other words, to erase your EPROM, you would first have to X-ray it and then put it in an oven at about degrees Sprom to anneal semiconductor alterations caused by the X-rays. Typically, my eraser will blank a chip in about 20 minutes. The other voltage is the programming voltage Vpp.

What you need to do will differ depending the machine. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat There are fundamental differences between the “non-standard” TMS 277128 by Texas Instruments and ‘standard” s made by others.

First rule is to know the kind of EPROMS you want or are likely to want to burn and get a programmer that can handle them. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This metal covered hole A12 is connected with Z51 pin 10 A12 at the components side. To erase the data stored in the array of transistors, ultraviolet light is directed onto the die.

If things are OK, you’re done. The floating-gate electrode has no connections to other parts of the integrated circuit and is completely insulated by the surrounding layers of oxide. Not all ROM images are available on the Web and it’s a good idea to extract the code for posterity and possible future use!

If you know the basics though the software is easy enough to follow.

It seems to work well, although at the time of writing the manual for this Chinese device appears to have been written using an early version of Google Translator! Once reprogrammed or “burned”they can hold their data for many years. After the prefix is a number 27182 as 16, or 32, 64, etc.


Be sure to check when ordering and make sure you get the UV-erasable version unless you want an OTP of course. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth.

EPROMS: The minimum you need to know to burn your own

Photons of the UV light cause ionization within the silicon oxide, eorom allow the stored charge on the floating gate to dissipate. Also make sure that the connection 16 to 1 is broken.

Archived PDF from the original on It’s almost completely unreadable. Make sure you know the specs you’re dealing with. So just connect these pins 1, 28, 27 and 26 with eprrom other. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. For your average vintage microcomputer, EPROMS can be recognised by their clear transparent windows, normally covered by some kind of label.

27128 – 27128 128K (16kb x 8) 150ns NMOS EPROM Technical Data

Pin 14 of the should be placed at pin 12 of the IC socket. Usually a status bar shows progress. Willem programmers appear popular fig 2. Once programmed, an EPROM can be erased by exposing it to strong ultraviolet light source such as from a mercury-vapor light.