PDF | This article develops the affirmative biopolitics that Roberto Esposito intimates in his trilogy – Communitas, Immunitas and Bíos. The key to this affirmative. Roberto Esposito | Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane . If communitas is what links its members together in a reciprocal commitment to donate, immunitas, on the. Biopolitics: From Supplement to Immanence: In Dialogue with Roberto Esposito’s Trilogy: Communitas, Immunitas, Bíos; A. Kiarina Kordela · Cultural Critique.

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But the function of law as a form of immunization points to a more disturbing consideration. Like the individual body, the collective body can be immunized from the perceived danger only by allowing a little of what threatens it to enter its protective boundaries.

This means that in order to escape the clutches of death, life is forced to incorporate within itself the lethal principle. Starting from this reflection on the nature of immunization, Esposito offers a wide-ranging analysis of contemporary biopolitics. Never more than at present has the demand for immunization come to characterize all aspects of our existence.

e Essay – Community, Immunity, Biopolitics

The more we feel at risk of immuintas infiltrated and infected by foreign elements, the more the life of the individual and society closes off within its protective boundaries, forcing us to choose between a self-destructive outcome and a more radical alternative based on a new conception of community.


The home of independent thinking. Subjects Series Authors Blog About. The Protection and Negation of Life.

This book by Roberto Esposito – espisito leading Italian political philosopher – is a highly original exploration of the immuniitas between human bodies and societies. The original function of law, even before it was codified, was to preserve peaceful cohabitation between people who were exposed to the risk of destructive conflict. Just as the human body’s immune system protects the organism from deadly incursions by viruses and other threats, law also ensures the survival of the community in a life-threatening situation.

It protects and prolongs life. Buy Now From Wiley.

Order Exam Copy For lectures Only. Violence against violence 3. Sacer and sanctus 2. The productivity of the negative 3. The risk of community 4. The power of the void IV. The governance of life V. Biophilosophies of immunity 2. Reviews “A theoretically innovative book, useful for those interested in the future of life imjunitas death in the biopolitical age” Political Studies Review “After Communitas and Bioshere, at last, in Zakiya Hanafi’s wonderful translation is the centerpiece of Roberto Esposito’s biopolitical trilogy, Immunitas.


In this work, Esposito offers the reader a stunning genealogy of the category of immunization, one no longer thought merely through the medical sciences, but across immunitad series of disciplines, including law, political theology, philosophical anthropology, and biopolitics, all culminating in the the model of the transplant for imagining an immunization that might lead to ‘the immune common.

An absolute must read for anyone espsito in thinking the future of life and politics immmunitas a biopolitical age. Change Region United States. Enter Your Email Address: Join our mailing list to get great info.

Roberto Esposito

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