Eusebius, Onomasticon. A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary. Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. Authors. Eusebius, Onomasticon A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary R. Steven Notley and Ze’ev Safrai ยท June One of the challenging tasks for. Eusebius, Onomasticon: The Place Names Of Divine Scripture (Jewish and Christian Perspectives) (English, Latin and Ancient Greek Edition) (Ancient Greek ).

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Thus at least two or three sites are championed by different persons for the authentic Emmaus.

Avi-Yonah notes four classes, three of which probably derive directly from the Greek Onomasticon: They say there are two neighboring mountains facing each other located at near Jericho, one of which is onomaasticon to be Garizin, the other Gaibal. From a dogmatic point of view, Eusebius stands entirely upon the shoulders of Origen. The Roman road system was well organized and charted. The one in red garments from Bosor?

Seven or eight items appear with more or less regularity in the Onomasticon usually in the same artificial order. Unfortunately not all the sites were located or identified in the eusebiys century. Then followed the time of the Arian controversies, and dogmatic questions came into the foreground. Conder stated it plainly: The scholar is likewise frustrated in his search. The preface also proposes that cities and villages are to be noted, but the present Greek and Latin texts include also wadies, deserts, mountains, districts and even an occasional personal and idol name.

This panegyric was later attached to his Life of Constantine. He wrote a memoir of his army experience, African Asideswhich uesebius to be submitted to the U.

Eusebius’ Onomasticon

There is also no single formula by which fourth century [sic] existence is indicated. The point is regularly used after the place name and usually at the end of the phrase or sentence entry.


However let the diligent reader recognize what in onomasitcon any part of this book can only touch briefly, I do not agree with all that I pass on, but defer to the Greek authority onomastcon I have disputed more fully on this in the book Hebrew Questions. Both had the Bible euesbius a common source and both probably utilized an earlier Roman itinerary and perhaps some lists.

A large not small village called by that name is now ten miles east of Eleutheropolis. These above words are mostly to be read with the shortened letter E accordingly we eusebiuz with a long vowel what in Greek is eusebiua Eta.

They did not stop to drive out the former inhabitants. Some scholars have questioned the Eusebian authorship of this work. Further Kades is the desert beyond the city Eusehius. Historia Wiesbaden, Germany onomastixon, Heft We read in Zacharia. About the Arian troubles began to come to a head. Earlier scholars suggested his birth was between and Where some of those people were consumed by fire.

However, Athanasius of Alexandria became a more powerful opponent and inhe was summoned before a synod in Caesarea which he refused to attend. Leipzig and Berlin, Its ruins at Qeisariyeh are eight miles south of Dor and about thirty miles north of Jaffa. There is also another village called Karnaia in the region nine miles from of Jerusalem.

Is a man, even bishop and scholar, who annotated and re-edits an older book, or who conflates, even poorly, two or more sources, an author? Lightfoot, Eusebius of Caesarea”. An edition of the Septuagint seems to have been already prepared by Origeneusegius, according to Jeromewas revised and circulated by Eusebius and Pamphilus.

Where there is a contemporary town at the site or nearby, Eusebius notes it in the corresponding entry. The simplest entries are “tribe of God sent Christ into the world that it may partake of the blessings included in the essence of God. Text and archaeology will soon be able to check one another. The notes emphasize late Roman and Byzantine sites and sources especially when the Onomasticon ‘s text makes some attempt to locate and identify a place or where the text is confused.


Despite its errors, lacunae and obscurities it must be used and has been used by scholars onomastifon the time of Reland. The Onomasticon concerns primarily the third through the seventh levels above. Both 4 and 5 may be quite distinct from the site as Jerome determined it by his own personal experience and study.


The methodology has been followed by many scholars of the last two centuries when they based many identifications on real or imagined survivals of the name in similarly sounding names. Eusebius remained high in the regard of Constantine and was a close advisor to him at least from on, if not as early as If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Geographie de la PalestineIp. A priestly city of refuge “in the Basanitide.

Eusebius, Onomasticon

First I translated into the Greek language the onomxsticon of the nations throughout the world which have Hebrew names in the sacred Scriptures. His letters to Carpianus and Flacillus exist complete.

By various counts between forty-five and fifty-five additional names appear in Latin even when allowing for obvious scribal lacunae of Vaticanus Oxford University Press, In all of the Gospel entries some history is recorded. Share your thoughts with other customers.