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Sor, Fernando – Six short and easy pieces in stages, which aim to lead to what has generally been agreed are difficulties. Encyclopedia of World Biography. Views Read Edit View history. Method for the Spanish Guitar. We recommend imnuet you assign name-surname. He had considerable success this time, especially with his ballet Cendrillon. In business for over 30 years.

These beautiful variations are not played more often because, in my opinion, they seem to lack a proper ending and leave us with the feeling that the piece was left unfinished. Home Store Books Fernando Sor: It never ceases to amaze me how so many modern guitarists and musicologists [ By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Forgot your login information? Along with opera, Sor’s father also introduced him to the guitar. The Classic Guitar Collection, Vol.

Sor, in his method of has much to say about the use of tone color on the guitar and even discusses how to imitate the various orchestral instruments. These and other caustic remarks did not help his sales in the least.

Therefore, the young Sor still not 11 years old began to write songs to words in Latin to impress his parents. Inwhen Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Spain, Sor began to write nationalistic music for the guitar, often accompanied by patriotic lyrics. Asgerdur Sigurdardottir Music typesetting: He went to Parisnever to return to his home country again. Inhe went to London to attempt to build a stronger music career there.


At a young age, Sor’s parents wouldn’t give his musical abilities too much special attention, for fear it would distract from his Latin studies. Byron Fogo Cover photo: He fell in love with music and abandoned his military career goals.

His last work was a mass in honour of his daughter, who died in Learn more and set cookies Close. Much of this work is organized in several opuses in increasing order of difficulty: Schroeder of Petersburgh”, made some guitars under his direction; but it is curious that he mentions them only in regard to his own guitar design ideas, which are today partly critically viewed.

Since France was no longer supportive of his music, Sor decided to try his talents elsewhere.

Fernando Sor

These same modern guitarists with the conspiratorial support of supposedly enlightened musicologists will often perform this music, sometimes on a “period” guitar, and use practically none of the above-mentioned expressive devices. As Sor’s works were published in various countries, his name was translated, leading to variations in the spelling.

Form and Style by Stanley Yates [15]. For fernandi, Opus 43 is entitled Mes Ennuis “My Annoyances”and six sro his ballets are dedicated to “whoever wants them”.

Fernando Sor: Selected Works – Guitar Salon International

Not much is known about his time there, however, despite the exaggeration about his romantic and professional life. Follow this composer Be informed by email for any addition or update of the sheet music and MP3 of this artist. Share this page Free-scores. I believe the answer is with considerably more freedom, expression and passion than has, for the most part, been done in the recent past. The texture is naturally of interest too, with the melody shifted from top to bottom, to middle, and frequent contrapuntal bits added.


However, at around the same time Joseph Arredondo, the new abbot of Santa Maria de Montserratthe famous monastery, heard of his talent, and provided funds for him to attend the choir school located at the monastery.

Having abandoned his family’s ideal of a military or administrative post, Sor could finally give music a serious try in France.

Since ballet in London was more popular than opera, Sor decided to try his hand at this new genre of music. Create a quick account: Lacote, a French maker, the only person who, besides his talents, has proved to me that he possesses the quality of not being inflexible to reasoning”.