les instructions ci-dessous. — Déconnectez la borne négative de la batterie avant l’installation. — Fixez solidement les câbles avec des serrecâbles ou du ruban. View and Download Pioneer FH-PBT quick start manual online. CD RECEIVER. FH-PBT Car Receiver pdf manual download. Also for: Deh- pbt. View and Download Pioneer FH-PBT installation manual online. Pioneer CD Receiver Installation manual. FH-PBT Car Receiver pdf manual.

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Contents Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.

Pioneer FH-PBT User Manual | 7 pages | Original mode

Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man- ual in a safe mnaual for future reference. Contents — Connecting to a Bluetooth audio player automatically 29 — Displaying Manal Bluetooth Device address 29 Bluetooth Telephone 30 — Setting up for hands-free phoning 30 — Introduction to connection and pairing 30 — Connecting and disconnecting a cellular phone 31 — Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Do not allow this unit to come into contact with liquids.

Please inquire to your dealer or nearest Before You Start About the demo mode This unit features the feature demo mode. If this is not done, the vehicle battery may be drained. While using an iPod, press to shuffle all tracks. Press and hold to switch the control mode while using an iPod. Section Operating this unit Display indication 1 Main display section Displays band, frequency, elapsed playback time and other settings.

Appears when artist search refinement on the iPod browsing function is in use. Operating this unit phone book indicator Appears when phone book list is displayed while telephone source is being selected. DC power source while connecting it to AUX input may generate noise. In this case, stop charging. External unit refers to a Pioneer product such fh-p0800bt ones available in the future that, although incompatible as a source, enables control of basic functions with this unit.

Turn to change the station. Section Operating this unit The LEVEL 4 setting allows reception of only the strongest stations, while lower settings let you receive progressively weaker stations. Built-in CD Player Basic Operations 1 Folder number indicator Shows the folder number currently playing when the compressed audio is playing. If folder 01 ROOT contains no files, playback commences with folder Section Operating this unit! The sampling frequency shown in the display may be abbreviated.

Operating this unit Notes! To return to the ordinary display, press BAND.

Pioneer SUPER TUNER III D FH-P8000BT Operation Manual

Rtrv repeatedly to select the fhp-8000bt sired setting. OFF off —1—2 2 is more effective than 1. Using disc title functions You can input CD titles and display the title. Turn to change the menu option. Press to se- lect. The function menu is displayed. Read the precautions for iPod on page manhal If an error message is displayed, refer to Error messages on page Turn to change the category. Press LIST to switch to alphabet search mode.


Operating this unit Playing songs in a random order shuffle Display the function menu. Refer to Introduction to advanced operations on the previous page. Section Operating this unit Changing audiobook speed While listening to an audiobook on iPod, play- back speed can be changed. Display the function menu. Refer to Introduction to advanced operations on page Operating this unit Even though your audio player does not con- tain a Bluetooth module, you can still control it from this unit via Bluetooth wireless technol- ogy using a Bluetooth adapter sold sepa- rately.

In this case, try again from the beginning. Disconnecting a Bluetooth audio player This function can be operated only when the Bluetooth wireless connection is being estab Operating this unit Playing songs on a Bluetooth audio player Display the function menu.

Stopping playback Display the function menu. Section Operating this unit Bluetooth Telephone Important! fh-p8000br

Pioneer FH-P8000BT Quick Start Manual

Since this unit is on standby to connect with your cellular phone via Bluetooth wireless technology, using this unit without running the engine can result in battery drainage.

Advanced operations that require your atten- tion such as dialing numbers on the monitor, using phone manusl, etc. The connection menu is displayed. In this case, refer to step 4 on Transferring entries to the phone book on page The estimated call time appears in the display this may differ slightly from the actual call time.

Section Operating this unit If you do not operate anything within manuak 30 seconds, the list display is canceled automati- cally. After the number is stored, the display reverts to the detailed list.


Assign genres to phone numbers If there are a lot of entries in the Phone Book it can be useful to assign them to specific gen- res categories for mqnual searching. If a phone number is already stored in the se- lected preset number, the new phone number will overwrite the old one.

Perform from mannual 4 to 10 of Assigning preset numbers on page Operating this unit Use the cellular phone to perform phone book transfer. Perform phone book transfer using the cellu- lar phone. For detailed instructions, refer to the instruction manual that came with your cellular phone. Depending on the cellular phone, phone book can only be transferred one by one.

Section Operating this unit Making a call by entering phone number Important Be sure to park your vehicle and apply the park- ing brake when performing this operation. Section Audio Adjustments Introduction of audio adjustments 1 Audio display Shows the audio adjustment status.

The audio menu is displayed. Adjust- ments can be made with a 7-band graphic equalizer. Boosting the bass Fh-p8000bf boost function boosts the bass level of sound. Section Initial Settings Adjusting initial settings Using the initial settings, you can customize various system settings to achieve optimal per- formance from this unit. Shows the function status. If 00 to 29, the minutes are rounded down.


If 30 to 59, the minutes are rounded up. Switching the auxiliary setting Auxiliary devices connected to this unit can be PIN code cannot be stored in mem- ory.

Editing device name You can edit the device name.

Display the initial setting menu. Refer to Adjusting initial settings on page Resetting the Bluetooth wireless technology module Bluetooth telephone and Bluetooth Audio data can be deleted. For details concerning operation, refer to En- tering disc titles on page Using the external unit External unit refers to a Pioneer product such as ones available in the future that, although incompatible as a source, enables control of basic functions with this unit.

Section Other Functions Basic operation Functions allocated to the following opera- tions are different depending on the con- nected external unit.

If you do not operate functions within about 30 seconds, the display automatically returns to the ordinary display. Section Available accessories Selecting an XM channel directly When using the remote control, you can select the XM channel directly by entering the de- sired channel number.

Channel number input display appears. Press 0 to 9 to enter the desired channel number. Refer to Switching the XM channel select mode on the previous page. When selecting by number, channels in any category can be selected. Select by category to narrow your search fh-p8000nt to only channels in a particular category. Only functions described in this manual are supported by disc multi-CD players. This unit is not designed to operate fhp-8000bt title list functions with a ffh-p8000bt multi-CD player.

Function name Operation Refer to Manuxl a repeat play range on page However, the repeat play ranges you can select are different from that of the built-in CD player. Press BAND to return to the playback display. Note After data for discs is stored in memory, data for a new disc will overwrite the oldest one. Error messages When you contact your dealer fh-p8000ht your nearest Pioneer Service Center, be sure to have the error message recorded.

Additional Information Handling guideline of discs and player! Use only discs featuring either of following two logos. Use only conventional, fully circular discs. Do not use shaped discs. Use cm or 8-cm CD. Do not use an adapter when playing 8-cm CDs. Partitioned USB memory is not compatible with this unit.