Mel Bay Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course by Brad Davis () – Music. On the audio CD which accompanies the Flatpicking the Blues book Brad Davis of the blues remember to check out Brad Davis’ Blues Ear Training Course. We have had two articles appear in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Pencils and Standard Music or Tab paper OR Computer Notation program.

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Also, use your guitar sense. Try for the first note only if necessary. The other was by Dan Huckabee and was printed in Volume 1, Number 4.

This music is just for you and you already know how it sounds. Let’s say we are trying to learn a Tony Rice song and solo from a CD. Jim Cornwell updated their profile Dec 8. Wasn’t it Socrates who said, “That which is used develops, and that which is not used, wastes away. Notes Home All Notes. Come to think of it, I’ve never so much as sent Joe a Christmas card in thanks for changing my life, but maybe he’ll see this article or I’ll run into him through e-mail and thank him that way.

Just remember that figuring out licks from CD’s is the same thing as searching for the melody notes to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course

One was by Joe Carr and was printed in Volume 3, Number 5. You take one note at a time, until you’ve gone from beginning to end.


Learn the I, IV, V sequence in every key you play in. And I mean, you’ll be able to play it on the first try. You will be able to play anything you can humm. Listening, vlatpicking, getting it wrong.

These are not the only ezr, but they are very common. You humm that note? Use your guitar to find matching notes and chords. Figuring out your heroes’ licks all by your lonesome, right off the record or CD, without anyone around to hold your hand, might seem to be frightening and even impossible, but with a few good do’s and don’ts, you’ll be on your way to independence and controlling your own musical destiny.

I started placing large 2-page spread adds, suggesting to figure out licks, and after about 10 years, a few other dealers started following clurse as a result of customers calling them in response to my ads.

Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course : Brad Davis :

If you are writing tab or music, write down these notes in whatever notation form you are using. Make any needed adjustments and rest your ears.

Transcribe as much as possible at full speed. We have had two articles appear in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine which have covered this topic.

If the last chord is I, which it almost always is flatpiccking, the next to last chord is most often a V chord. Trainign you hit the wrong note, is it too high or too low?


Bands with two guitars and multi-track recording make this possible, so check that the solo guitar sounds like it is in the same position. An advanced Tony Rice solo is no different than a simple children’s melody other than it’s faster and there are more notes.

Your ear needs to start developing on day one, right along with your fingers. If the original recording is capoed at the second fret and played in G position key of AI can adjust the recording to play back in G one step lower courwe remove the capo from the guitar to play in G. I use a two speed cassette recorder for trainung of my transcription work.

This kind of insight into how a player is thinking is one of the invaluable benefits of transcription work. If the verse and chorus are different from each other, chances are the chords will do something new at the beginning of the chorus. OK, I’ve decided to come clean. To learn to play the guitar really well, you must develop your ear, and you MUST spend some of your time away from tablature, teachers, and lesson videos, in order to challenge and exercise your hearing.