Alone. Alone in the cold and the dark. Stomach churning as something in the air vaguely told me that I was not in my usual sleeping spot. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Promieniowanie UVA Faculty of Pharmacy prowadzi do procesu starzenia si skry, midzy innymi w drodze Medical University of Lodz aktywacji czynnika.

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Discussion in cotostarzenie User Fiction ‘ started by shadenightJan 3, Log in or Sign up. Results are only viewable after voting. Threadmarks View all 54 threadmarks. Muse World – Italy – That Renaissance place. Prologue My teeth were chattering. I was thumping my feet against what felt like wood in an effort to fotostarenie my legs and keep them awake.

This was worthy of hypothermia. Since when did my room footstarzenie into a frigging fridge? Did someone douse me in cold water? Was the sound of creaking wood beneath my feet due to the wooden floor?

Wait, why were my wrists bound? I swear to God, if this is one of your pranks, brother— Fotostarzennie eyes snapped open to a burly looking man wearing strange dark blue clothes. A sort of leather armor was loosely strapped beneath a thick-looking cloak of sorts. His hair was dark, and fotosgarzenie tresses.

He had a goatee that was slightly darker in color, and a black tattoo on his face that seemed to dance, but it could have been the shadows of the trees playing tricks on my sight. The very large trees that seemed to make the cold even more unsettling and chilling. I snapped my head to the side, wincing in pain as my neck felt as if it had gone through a wringer of sorts.

He looked every bit the typical example of Nordic strength. He also wasn’t suffering from the cold as much as I did, which was kind of obvious. I blinked at her slightly pointed ears and shoulder length red hair, her sky-clear eyes showing concern as she thinned her lips in displeasure.

We shouldn’t have followed the wind. My shoulders slumped as I let sry cold gingerly caress and freeze my skin as my teeth kept on chattering incessantly.


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This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be real. And if it was, then the blame was squarely on the cheese lover. The Nord from Skyrim was talking to me. I stared at him. I stared at him and then blinked once, furrowing my brows. The impact made for a rude awakening. The pain I felt was pretty much real, as was the thrumming cotostarzenie the front of my head as my back was cushioned by the woman by my side.

I hissed and groaned in pain as I felt my brain jostle about inside my skull. The Stormcloak rebel giving a sympathetic look back, mixed with a fotoostarzenie fond smile. Behind our backs, a mounted soldier rode his horse near the carriage and unsheathed his sword, tapping the flat of the blade against Dragnor’s head. After that, both sskry the warning to heart and shut up at the same time. The mounted soldier trotted back to his post by the side of the carriage, leaving us once more alone with our thoughts.

Well, I was alone with my thoughts for a grand total of five seconds, the time it took skrh the Nord used his fingers to pull on my ragged clothes and catch my attention. Another bunch of fingers grabbed hold of the other side of my ragged clothes, and as I turned with surprise already coloring my face, the shoulder-length red-haired woman spoke in turn.

Considering how both a Nord and a Breton had said we were siblings, I stared at the Stormcloak rebel in front of me, half-expecting him to reveal his relative affiliation to the skfy of ei. He didn’t, but he too shared my disbelief at their words. I didn’t even know the Nord in front of me, or what his name was, but I decided he was a kindred soul.

One who, when taking in the wonders and the horrors of the world, simply decided to live with it. There was only one thing Sry could do.

I had to keep quiet, and prepare my nervous beating heart for the task of the century. I would have to run through a crumbling tower to jump out a hole in the roof in order to land in a burning tavern to make my escape from ei fire-breathing dragon that would soon attack Helgen.



There was no way in hell I would be capable of doing that jump. Of fotosyarzenie, this would all be moot if the freezing winds took my life before Alduin did. What a wonderful way to start the New Year. I wanted to write another fluffy fic, and so here we are. Rampaging across the Midwest. I was expecting for something like this since the SI hopping days of ole.

Can’t end up weirder than a ponyfied dragonborn right? EliarJan 3, A new shadenight story? And a Skyrim ksry, at that. StellarMonarchJan 3, This can only end in fire.

AurainJan 3, Funny x 4 Like x 3 Hugs x 2 Insightful fotostarzdnie 1. Kiln of the First Flame. I already have an inkling what Shade is going to do when things get heated. Due to image size. DragonskytJan 3, JoJaJan 3, Insightful x 6 Funny x 3.

Not Your Average Skyrim Self Insert (Skyrim SI) | SpaceBattles Forums

Aaaand, I’m on the shade train again. It’s good to be back. RaviolliusJan 3, Dreary ol’ London Town. TimeLordLucarioJan 3, The foothills of Colorado. TealgJan 3, Like x 16 Informative x 1.

fotostareznie So both of your older siblings are Dovahkin, but you are not? TotallyNotEvilJan 3, MalbutoriusJan 3, Like x 17 Insightful x 9 Informative x 3 Funny x 1. I shall watch this in my moonbase Fotostarzenue Tempestus, Milky Way.

Name one time a mission was not solved by stealth archery! Older-than-TimeJan 4, Funny x 8 Like x 5. I agree that Stealth Archery is OP, but at the beginning, a Crossbow is the best thing you could have. Get dem sweet Crossbows boyo! AagkardJan 4, I never bothered with stealth or archery, go master level destruction spells and two handed greatsword or go home. I was a weird Nord. Like x 3 Hugs x 1.

Dodging chaos dragons in Limbo. PietersielieJan 4, MizuJan 4, Hugs x 1 Insightful x 1. Phant0m5Jan 4, Funny x 7 Like x 1 Insightful x 1. Sits and waits for more. GamerlordJan 4, The Kingdom of Fiore. Oh good, a Shade SI featuring a series I actually know! Now I can follow this without getting lost or confused.