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I was called into the ministry when I was 14 years old but then I had to go to Bible College first. I have written 38 books. How did you reach the decision to be a preacher at the time you did or are you from a background of preachers?

I have always loved the Lord and I just knew in my spirit that I was supposed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ when I was 14 years old. I have been here over times in Nigeria preaching the gospel gldnn Jesus Christ. I travel all over the world to teach and preach in different seminaries and churches; we are all over the place in television stations in America, Africa and also here in Nigeria.

Concerning my parents and background, they are not pastors but they love the Lord and brought ardkion children up in the way of the Lord. Being born again Christians they understood the call and they saw it as a blessing. I also grew up in a strong Church and was raised by great preachers of the gospel; Kenneth Hagins and Kenneth Copeland are all my mentors.

When you had an encounter with God were you given any explicit instruction concerning Nigeria? She does not preach much, she is the CEO of our ministries because I am always on the road, so someone has to take care of the staff and ensure everything goes on smoothly. How did you get to make the choice of marrying your wife? I had a dream where the Lord told me who to get married to.

Once that was established I did not look back, we were both 20 when we got married and we are now 28 years in marriage. How do you see the increasing rate of divorce across the world and in the United States in arekiin S divorce rate is very high and that is because there has been a breakdown of families, which is why God has to be the centre of the marriage.

Marriage is hard work and the family has to be built on Christ. Marriage is hard work zrekion it is about two people coming from different backgrounds. So, they have to understand each other and become one. You know the Bible says two people shall become one. Is that right as well? One plus one is equal to two but the Bible says two shall become one and how can this be achieved. This means that I have to reduce myself to.

This means that we have to learn to compromise, make sacrifices and make Christ the centre of our marriage. Sometimes some people do not want to do that because they want to be independent, the problem is that when people marry they are not ready to give up some things, they do not want to let go something.

But if I genn with my independent spirit and attitude not wanting to let go some things that means we arekin going to have trouble. When glenm learn to compromise that means we are going to have a successful marriage.


Aarekion Christ has to be the centre of any marriage. What other principles do you think should be applied to have as successful marriage?

Couples have to apply the principle of love, not just love as the world will define love but as God will define it. The love of the world after some time people get tired of it but the agape God kind of love one cannot get tired of.

You Are Disregarding God If You Don’t Pay Tithes – Dr. Glenn Arekion

Yes I love my wife physically and I am attracted to zrekion physically but I have to show her the agape kind of love which is unfading. Also marriage also has to be based on principles. You arekiin a lot as a missionary and evangelist, how do you get to cope and stay true to your marital vow?

When I made the decision to marry my wife, the glnen which I made was an established principle that I will never let go nor leave her. Today many relationships are not based on principles and people are covenant breakers. God is a covenant keeping God and marriage has to do with covenant.

Money and women are said to be the primary weapons against ministers and ministries… Like I told you earlier I am covenanted to my wife, she is the girl of my dream.

Is not that there is no temptation but I am not looking anywhere else because I am contended with my wife. Another key I will add to having a successful life is that couples should know how to satisfy themselves in every area.

Money has never been an issue for me because I am not greedy aeekion a giver. A minister must make a commitment to be a giver because God is a giver. How do you have the time to write, to have written 38 books even with your extensive travelling? Most time I write when I am in the hotel. For instance if I have a preaching engagement in the evening I do not waste my time during the day and also I will not be watching television but maximise my time writing.

Most of the time I also write in the airplane, for example coming to Nigeria took like 10 hours and so I just read a book or write a book. What are some of the books you have written? Some Christians here in Nigeria have been brawling over tithe especially on social media, what is your view on tithe payment? I have seen glsnn for some time people have been fighting over tithe. I do not think they are wise to say tithe is only under the dispensation of law. I do not think they know the scripture, if they do a careful study of the scripture they will give more than 10 percent unto the Lord.

Tithing has never been a matter of law or grace. The Bible says Abraham gave his tithe to Melchizedek the Priest and the Bible say Jesus Christ is a Priest after the order of Melchizedek, therefore tithing is a matter of Priesthood not a matter of law or grace. If you say you do not tithe because you do arekino believe in it, it is your problem gldnn know that you are negating the Melchizedek priesthood of Jesus Christ. The Priesthood of Jesus is after the order of Jesus Christ so tithing is still in place.


Secondly we are the seeds of Abraham and if the blessings of Abraham we receive the righteousness by grace and live by faith how come we do not want to tithe as the seed of Abraham. This is because we recognise God as the Most High God. People who do not give their tithes are simply saying God is not the Most High God in their lives.

Abraham connected with Melchizedek with tithe, so tithe is a covenant connector. That is not what the Bible says, you can give to the indigents or neighbours but God demands your tithe as a believer. We are leaving in the 21st century but we are doing less than those who lived in the 20th century who had less technology yet took the glenb around the world.

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The passion for souls is not as intense as it used to be, there are a lot of believers not serving the Lord that is why we have the foolish discussion about tithe.

A true church should be winning souls for God and setting people on fire for God. A Nigerian preacher based in America sometime faulted the dropping of money on the altar, which he said originated from occult American preachers.

What is your comment on this? I see that a lot in America. I do not know how it came about. That you do not believe in a thing does not mean you should bad mouth it. Tell us about the Excel convention that you are holding for the first time in Africa, precisely here in Lagos Nigeria?

Lagos is one of my favourite places in the world, I find the people very warm and receptive and on aarekion for God, to glwnn Lagos is a perfect place. Again there might genn persecution here and there but Nigeria is a great country that is receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ and we thank God for that. Many of the world finest preachers are here. Nigeria is the pioneer of the gospel in the 21st century, which is amazing. They should come with expectation to be enlarged and live a supernatural life through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us of the exploit that the believers of old did which I believe can be replicated in our lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Today we have a lot of eloquence and knowledge but no manifestation of power. This programme is for the old and new believers, in fact everybody because they will learn something that will help them in their Christian walk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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