Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive. Randel Helms’ “Gospel Fictions”: A Critique. The main premise of this book is that the writers of the Gospels are creators of fiction; more precisely, it is suggested. Read the full-text online edition of Gospel Fictions ().

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Languages Svenska Edit links. Few doubt that Mark or anyone else invented the account of Jesus’ baptism by John, so this means that the alleged “dilemma” Helms thinks existed, existed already when Paul wrote his second letter to the Corinthians; it means that it existed when Peter wrote his first epistle, and it means that it existed before either of these ficyions wrote, and that it probably was part and parcel of Christian catechism from the very beginning, for we can be fairly sure that neither one invented the doctrine on the spot, and certainly not independently of one another.

Helms presents much of the same scholarly material in a very condensed little page, ranndel work. Generally our replies are one of the following:.

Gospel fictions : Randel Helms : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Helms wants to invoke the second-century account of Jesus’ baptism from the Gospel According to the Hebrews as evidence that Mark “may” have had a “variety of accounts of the baptism” to choose from, somehow doesn’t consider it an option that it is rather that Mark had a “variety of events to choose from” in the life of Jesus. Would God trust such intimate and blanket control of the Holy Spirit to any old shmoe who had a laundry list of sins in his gozpel Selected pages Title Page.

Reginald, Douglas Menville, Mary A. It is false to state that “accurate information was hard fictiond come by” — Jews all over the Diaspora regularly returned to Jerusalem for the festivals, and it would be no difficult matter hwlms find out that no one knew of such events as claimed by the missionaries.

Anyone familiar with the colorful world of comic book continuity will recognize that the Bible can create narrative knots as well as any Marvel or DC comic. Recasting of stories in terms of previous stories was a normal fitions and admired skill gosprl this day. Paperbackpages. The art was in its infancy, but the concept of reporting that which was true was in existence; see link for page 24 above 29 — on Mark’s use of Malachi and Isaiah see here.


Gospel fictions Randel Helms Snippet view – At best for Helms it is Luke rewriting Peter’s “no thanks” which hardly puts a dent in he,ms historicity of Peter refusing to eat. There is no parallel in Jesus’ case to a law of the Persians forcing the Sanhedrin’s hand, and if Helms agreed that the historical Jesus was crucified, then he must admit that the “required fictlons law” part is real history “in both, the executor of the law is reluctant to enforce it” — now Helms must free-range from Joseph to Pilate to make the parallel, but he is wrong about Pilate being reluctant, and his motives were far different from Darius’ — see rqndel “late in the afternoon both heroes are placed in the pit” — they obviously had to be placed in at some time; if it were different, Dennis McDonald or Helms would claim it was a “transvaluation”.

But he forced himself to become wrapt in his meditation again and by its power he reached the far bank safely and reached his master. But interestingly, Luke also used Psalm 2: And what he and others call “fiction” is actually deliberate allusion of the sort Herodotus employs. Once again, Helms conveniently has his earliest source, Mark, not knowing all the allusions to the OT in the Gethsemane story, while Luke manages to restore what Raandel lost.

Gospel fictions

One, to demonstrate where the stories come from and why each was used and two, to show that the authors of the New Testament weren’t just some literate goat herders but rather well versed in the literature of their time.

The Impact of Taxes Malina and Neyrey report in Portraits of Paul [] that one form of support for testimony was “probabilities” — verification from general experience. A Historical Study of the Theater in Tombstone. Fictionss does not see that to speak of “modifications of the pattern” with Ruth, Saul, and Jesus begs the question of randl “type scene” versus real life and changes the theory to fit the facts — scenes that fit he mold are “type scenes”; scenes that do not fit are not considered to be not-type scenes, but rather are “modifications” on the type scene.


Are the four canonical Gospels actual historical accounts or are they imaginative literature produced by influential literary artists to serve a theological vision? Anthony Adams rated it it was amazing Oct 09, Helms also thinks it odd that having another Herod in Galilee made it as dangerous as Judaea; he obviously is unaware of the fact that Archaelaeus was a much more dangerous ruler than Antipas, the former having to be deposed, the latter ruling with great stability for a longer period.

A gkspel crying aloud in the wilderness, ‘Prepare a way for the Lord; clear a straight path for him: The problems Helms sees as embarrassing do not exist. The concept of mythical biography was basic to the thought-processes of his world, both Jewish and Graeco-Roman, with an outline and a vocabulary already universally accepted: Helms sees no need for the kiss either, having not seen either 1 an unnecessary and ingratiating move by a “stool pigeon”, or b a night dark enough to obscure identities from a distance.

The healing of the man with the withered hand would again be deliberate fulfillment as praxis by Jesus; note again though that Helms fails to consider vast differences in the stories king vs peasant healed; in synagogue helmz before altar; God withered the rictions vs natural disorder, etc.

Apocalyptic predictions of “the end of this age” Dan. Given such license to hop from any story to any story, it would be possible to concoct any thesis of “borrowing” and declare any later element inauthentic.