Contents[show] About In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, . All Patapon 3 Sutras or Summons. All Patapon 3 Sutras o Guia Patapon 2 – Como 31 KB. HD Mortal .. 23 KB. Patapon 3 – Feel the Beat, Destroy Your Foes. All of these rarepons are what the lvl 5 rarepons look like in Patapon 2. Coincidentally, Patapon 3 displays their heroes in lvl 5 rarepon form in tip cards.

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I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? Unlocked by leveling up Yumiyacha the Yumipon Uberhero to Lvl. March and Jump Practice [Free] Suggested: One young lad heeded not the old warning of earthly want, and claimed everything for his own. Hatapon is the first Patapon that you encounter in all three Patapon games. Train to your heart’s content.

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Part Deux [Free] Suggested: This Patapon has the largest attack range in the patapom wind can increase and decrease the range of his attack depending on which way it is blowingnagating the fact that He’s placed in the back of any army. It’s mostly a banner or a mark. He is primarily a melee fighter and also the disciple of Taterazay and can transform into all the Taterazay-based units.


Its sturdy structures can withstand intense battling.

He can equip shields and spears at any level. He is a Greatshield Hero and specializes in defense for your Patapons. He is a Pyopyo Kibapon. Myamsar is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. Weapon types are Cannon, Howitzer, and Laser.

Patapon 3 Missions

He is similar to Kibaddabut carries no shield and rides warhorses at lvl. Steadily she glared at the setting evening sun, scorching it on the horizon.

Destrobo is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. When the giant rainbow egg in the earth’s center was cracked, patqpon black substance began to spurt forth from the Underworld.

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Bueno para comenzar no quiero dar mucho relleno y mas ir al punto todos saben q patapon es un juego de ritmo ,es decir, si quieres ser un buen jugador hay q tener oido pero tambien hay q saber hacer los movimientos correctos en el momento indicado pues porq en este patapon cuando te enfrentas a un jefe y no haces los indicados puede despedazar a tu equipo de un solo golpe asi que hay q ponerse a practicar y tener buen ritmo: Bowmunk is a Menyokki Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.

Patalon is useful for both hunting and fighting. His only downside is his flammability. At level 5 he can use lances instead of spears.

When his class skills are finished, he is a very fast shooter. He wields swords and shields. Below the Labyrinth of Restraint lies the Depths of Gluttony, a realm strictly off-limits to solo adventurers. Slogging on the Job [Free] Suggested: Treasure-seekers who visit this tower overshadowing the land of snow and ice face countless contraptions designed to take their lives.


Far below the Castle of Justice lies the Dungeon of Pride, strictly off-limits to solo adventurers.

It is a Sabara rarepon and his hero mode involves launching his spear like Yarida, but this time it has a Piercing effect and is stronger and has a higher critical rate.

His hero mode involves him launching blue arrows, which explode on impact, similar to Broken arrow. Dogaeen the Steel Colossus [Free] Suggested: He is the flag bearer, and functions to hold the army together and leads them but doesn’t attack himself.


He is supposed to be an assassin. It can pass through anything, even Fortresses buildings and he can get items that are far away. He is a great Hero to have on team missions. In this feature, you gain Experience Points by defeating enemies, when you gain a specific amount of experience points you level up and you have to gain even more experience points than last time to level up again.