This is one of the overlooked gems of GURPS, in my opinion: GURPS Banestorm : Abydos, by David Pulver. In the interest of full disclosure. Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great . RPG Item: GURPS Banestorm: Abydos · Post Thread. Title, RSS, Threads, Posts, Last Post. Reviews. Post your game reviews in this forum. Click here for help on.

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Possession of the land surface was ugrps constant war between Orc tribes and Elven communities. This could be explained as being different aspects of fhe same god.

GURPS Banestorm

This star-studded installment includes “Destination: No one must know of this, or my wife will never have the chance to recover our son, will you help me? Sean Punch 61 pages.

Needless to say, the more mainline church in the world disagrees and periodically tries to expunge them, without much success so far. It’s nice too see another polity on Yrth- especially something small and quirky.

An Antique | Man to Man | BoardGameGeek

One by one, the skulls are picked up, and the password is invoked to activate them they are pre-enchanted after alland then directing the skulls to nail individuals whom the necromancers can see? Each installment delivers a ready-to-use scene — battlefield, building, campus, fortress, neighborhood, village, wilderness, etc. This month’s Pyramid offers new GURPS character-creation options, rules you can use, and ways to work together like never ggurps.


A Discord server focusing on Roleplaying, Sci-Fi, Transhumanism, and discussion of other assorted topics, from tech to boardgames, from politics to philosophy. These elements may offend some readers.

As far as how to adapt to DF, I have an idea how to do gudps. William Knowles May 8, at 8: Banestorm and DF have a very different view of cosmology, and changing Abydos to DF means you really need to decide what’s “Good” and “Evil” and “Squid. Pulver takes that setting nearly two decades into the future.

This month’s Pyramid presents a look at magic where doing the impossible means following the rules. You can never have enough ready-made locations, and we’re always adding more, so be sure to visit this page once in a while to see what’s new.

Thursday, May 8, Review: The Orcs are largely penned up in the North west, protected by the Desert.

I probably didn’t come up with the cool name though. Even when you do, there’s the inevitable risk that the players will decide that their Xbydos wander into a place you haven’t sketched out. I really like this book.

Their beliefs and mandates are backed by the blades of highly trained soldiers and a very silent majority. Get four new template options, over a dozen weapons that’ll give them an “edge,” and insight into power-up possibilities. In a more dungeon fantasy game, think it would be quite possible to add several dungeon levels under the city of Abydos itself besides the silent maze.


William Knowles May 9, at 3: David Pulver May 9, at 3: Learn about spaceships in GURPS Spaceships format from the various robot factions and get an extensive look at the desperate world of Abydos tends to be a somewhat gendered society already; maybe the necromancer mages are women and the the undead-animating priests are men Banestorm the current campaign name for the Yrth setting first presented in Man to Man as the world that Castle Defiant was located on.

Warehouse 23 – Warehouse 23

Remove clerics and druids, and put their spells back into mages ala Banestorm and then just play it. Some are benign, others pretty nasty, and all mean you get a feeling of a living place with interconnected people. So Abydos is a medieval-cum-Renaissance city, similar to those of Italy, but with a magical bent, a lot of undead, and a strong Christian tradition albeit a heresy. Sorry, I’m not into Yrth, and an unlikely to buy it, so this is just pure curiosity showing up.

The city officials are corrupt and have been paid off by this kidnapper so I can’t find justice by appealing to the magistrates.