It is the winter of , the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he. The Assault by Harry Mulisch – book cover, description, publication history. A review and a link to other reviews of The Assault by Harry Mulisch.

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A Summary of The Assault by Harry Mulisch

Their peace was broken by the sound of nearby gunshots, and when they looked outside they noticed the body of a man lying in front of their next door neighbors’ house. Anton has never understood why the body was put in front of their house. More significantly, he carries the event around with him, is influenced by it, even when he thinks that he is paying it no mind, because in avoidance of something one still has a relationship with it.

For this, too, is mulizch story of resistance, albeit in occupied Holland, though one cannot know that by reading a brief description of the plot, and to explain further would reveal too much about the story, which contains a mystery element that is only explained on the final page.

If so, it was a sure sign that their parents had been collaborators…” https: Geeft dat nog weer extra lading aan het toch al onoverzienbare patroon van Oedipale motieven? Anyone know of any others?

In this sweeping tale, everyone has his or her own story — regardless of the commonality of the war experience — and those disparate pieces of the puzzle are held by many. The most I could say in this regard is that the scene between Anton and the woman in the dark prison cell is slightly cringeworthy.

To view it, click here.

Een van die stenen is de dobbelsteen, die Anton aan het begin van het haryr in zijn zak heeft: Moreover, it is necessary that you believe that this is a normal family, that you understand that this — the assault that occurs — could happen to anyone, that remarkable things can and do happen to unremarkable people.


Mulisch also gained international recognition with the film adaptation of The Assault. As Nazi authorities transport him to Amsterdam a German soldier dies trying to protect him when the convoy is attacked from the air. It also reminds us that what we see, what we think and what we know may have nothing to do with the truth.

A Summary of The Assault by Harry Mulisch

About memory and past events and how they influence things — how it is impossible to understand and judge others actions as well as knowing their consequences. It is the first that is the most significant, describing the assault of the novel’s title.

Yet another question arises: I recently read a Syrian book called, “Cinnamon” the English translation of which has been out for years, but it is only …more I hate when that happens! We’ve got to become a little bit like them in order to fight them so we become a little bit unlike ourselves. I particularly like the way Mulisch comes up with metaphors that stand in for the events depicted in the narrative: One particular instance of such enforced historical amnesia is the sad trend of some among the younger generations swallowing the empty propaganda that the Martial Law era brought about economic development and a strong republic.

Book – The Assault – Letterenfonds

Jul 14, Evan rated it really liked it Shelves: A heated discussion ensues in which the question arises as to who is responsible for the deaths of their respective fathers. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I say no work, but I was living and incorporating what I had experience and learned and from time to time going back to revisit One More Victim and move it forward. Very well written, The Assault is a morality play for our complex times, a far cry from most simplistic war literature.


Claire Nicolas White Translator. As are the nightmares that Anton experiences. There the water would suddenly begin to lap up and down, even though the boat was already far away.

Her spectre, one that preoccupies Takes particularly as well, provides the story a powerful sense of the irrational and the romantic and the need to find an anchor in the midst of chaos within the context of love.

You might teh, how do I know this? This is many years after the event, of course. On the way to Amsterdam, an allied plane attacks the convoy and Schulz dies. Harry Mulisch was born on July 29, in Haarlem harryy a Jewish mother and a half-German, half-Austrian father. His work is written in five episodes: The third episode takes place in The novel received rave reviews in the U.

Jul 28, AC rated it it was amazing Shelves: En DIE raadselachtige kant assailt vooral naar voren in de raadselachtige laag van duistere beelden, metaforen, verwijzingen, en oneindige verknopingen daartussen. Additionally, Mulisch often incorporates ancient legends or myths in his writings, drawing on Greek mythology e. There was a problem adding your email address. It seemed like it did not want me in its personal space.

From the Trade Paperback edition. For this, too, is a story of resistance, albeit in occupied Holland, though one cannot know that by reading a brief description of the plot, and to explain further would reveal too much about the story, which contains a mupisch Re-read for the first time sincewhen I’d first discovered this Dutch novel.

The Assault Harry Mulisch Limited preview –