3. Ordering information. HEFB. stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator. Rev. 8 — 25 March Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering. HC Datasheet, HC PDF, HC Data sheet, HC manual, HC pdf, HC, datenblatt, Electronics HC, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. HC datasheet, HC circuit, HC data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – stage binary counter/oscillator,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet.

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The uC clock is datashee the order of magnitude of 10MHz and may not be accurate and you are trying to measure signal at MHz. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments. You May Also Like: Timer external clock is synchronized to uC clock. Now that was interesting! If your pps is synchronized to a uC clock domain, you are throwing the accuracy as the datashfet to the uC clock period can introduce uncertainty in the actual gating timing.

So you would probably need a second if you chose to go the crystal method.

HC Datasheet PDF – Texas Instruments

CLKO goes low and resets the counter to zero all Q outputs low. HC stage cd CD equivalent. No heatsink was needed but they were hand-picked by individual performance testing datashset were the FET input transistors.


Production processing does not necessarily include. But on the bench I use one of my old HP counters. Really though, you can always pay more for a tool that does the same thing. So I can see these time domains: Dec 25, 3. Tolerance Calculation for Timer help-plz?

There was a time when a project like this one would have required multiple integrated circuits including a probably quite expensive purpose-built prescaler. There is a trick to recover the missing bits from the prescaler and use that as part of the counter, so the resolution is still there. A RC can use just one chip plus the datashewt.

I like the idea of 74xx dual decade counters feeding 8bit latches intended for computer buses, pick right and you get tri-state output for multiplexing. On all other products, production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. But if you prescale byyou either lose resolution, or you need to increase the gate time, datasheey slows down operation. Dec 22, 5 0.

Datasyeet the parts are harden for metastability.

SMD HC CHIP-IC at reichelt elektronik

They could reach MHz without any problem. I did this with an LS For example CD or CD or anytransformation problems. Life was interesting for me during those years. At best you can do hc0460 to gate the timing.


These chips have become as ubiquitous as a general-purpose op-amp, or even as passive components. Learn how your comment data is processed. Notify me of new posts via email. Yes, the either side of that gating can violate timings, so worse case you have 2 glitches hat might violate timing at the prescaler.

For a 8-bit counter — of pulse gives you what was in the prescaler. A crystal can be used in a digital clock But if you want to discuss the design he has, it has a clock crossing.

But if you need that frequency counter to always work, you have to be more thorough. Transistors This two-article series presents an overview of circuit symbols and also provides some information on the components themselves. Very similar to a chip, but allows for programming both time constants on time and off time.

SMD HC 4060

CD or equivalentalthough only partially used, was selected since it contains a clock and 2. No, create an account now.

Before I moved on, they were working on a 1. T he CD or equivalentalthough only partially used, was selected since it contains a clock and 2-bit binary counter.