Lanzarote is a novella by the French author Michel Houellebecq, published in France in from a draft written at an unspecified earlier time. Lanzarote Michel Houellebecq Though written before, Heinemann wisely decided to publish Houellebecq’s short novel Lanzarote after. Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq – book cover, description, publication history.

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Aug 07, Houelebecq rated it it was ok Shelves: I would still say that I enjoyed most of this and it is a worthwhile read, but it does read like it has been rushed and unfinished.

Since the revolution, the French have dreamed of constructing a society of happy and liberated citizens, purely by exercising a superior rationality. Perhaps this uneasy relationship with his compatriots fuels the bitter dystopian tendency in his work — a tendency that can easily be taken for misanthropy.

He’s open to most anything — as long as it’s not a Muslim country — and he lets himself be talked into Lanzarote, on the Canary Islands. This novella has several of the elements from Platform, a vacation setting, sex, humor, and a rant against Muslims. Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq. Nevertheless, meticulous and systematic research, supported by considerable data makes it possible to map their movements during summer pasturing.

English by instinct

Will they succeed in seducing Rudi, the police inspector from Luxembourg, currently living in exile in Brussels? Our hero, however, is no youthful party animal, but a mildly sociopathic sad sack lanzarotw Frenchman on a one-week pack age, who jerks off in his room to MTV with the sound down.

Yet lanzwrote is a common philosophical ground here. The character Michel in Platform comes back in Possibility, for example. It just descends bouellebecq a lazy, half- hearted ending, as holes At 80 odd small pages long, this would be lucky to qualify as a novella. Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of Muslim countries, the travel agent suggests an island full of 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape – Lanzarote.


The narrator isn’t too brooding; rather, he’s more off-handed in his commentary and observations. Un libro muy divertido de Houellebecq, como si a Plataforma le quitaran mucha de la paja que le sobra.

Nevertheless this is a very short book which i think is my favorite of his because of the length is perfect for the hatred expressed in Houellebecq’s view of the world. J’y trouve plus de controverse que de transcendance. Een novelle is dit waarin Houellebecq een aantal van zijn bekende thema’s youellebecq Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

Dust to dust

At 80 houellbecq small pages long, this would be lucky to qualify as a novella. Since the revolution, the French have dreamed of constructing a society of happy and liberated citizens, purely by exercising a superior rationality. There is no such mystery to the Germans who will go anywhere there’s sunstill less to the Italians who will go anywhere there’s a cute ass houelllebecq as for the French, let’s not even go there.

Doubtless these breasts codedly intimate that Lanzarote is indeed houellebecw proper beach book – satirical and disillusioned and all that, but also a guaranteed vivid rendering of touristic sexual hedonism. Thanks for telling alnzarote about the problem. Someone converts and joins the gang — and the story continues after the Lanzarote-adventures, when the Azraelians have found themselves involved in an unpleasant and highly publicized sex-trial.

Realising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster, as usual, our narrator, on impulse, walks into a travel agency to book a week in the sun. In the early evening, after a short trip to the beach, he is to be found drinking bizarre cocktails.

Lanzarote is an odd little exotic-trip account. The complete review ‘s Review:. To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire; to detractors he is a peddler, who writes vulgar sleazy literature to shock. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.


I have no idea houellebcq this even made it into print. A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase.

Oct 26, Tosh rated it it was amazing.

Review: Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq | Books | The Guardian

The Azraelian sect is presumably based on the real-life Raelians whose claim to have cloned a human being was the subject of much heated debate earlier this year. Feb 18, Rob Tapper added it. Borrowed it because Lanzarotd so short, only 70 pages, and I wanted to just get an impression of the author’s pen before perhaps reading something more demanding by him.

Oct 29, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Michel Lanzarore may have good reasons to dislike the English. I read lanzaorte in collection with his other essays, but it was still a short read.

The unnamed narrator, who is, as always, tempting to equate with Houellebecq himself, is as usual a brooding, probably middle-aged man who is pretty much fed up with the state of the world and, on a whim, decides to take a package vacation to the Canary Islands, in particular to Lanzarote.

In short, he offers nothing very different to, say, the late Auberon Waugh.

The story itself is OK at the beginning, I like characters with cynical world perspective. As for our narrator, will he consider his week’s holiday on the island a success? This book was so boring it was a real struggle to get to the end. This is a very short book – barely even novella length. Lanzarote is a short only 87 pages novella by Michel Houllebeq, which incidentally is a small volcanic Spanish island off the coast of Africa.