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Vary R42 on A5 to adjust the oscillator to 47 MHz. Most of the circuit elements are common to both modes of operation. Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits.

Service Sheet 14 Schematic: Hope you can use your B; I assume that you have the rest of the system. The analyzer must warm up one hour before any adjustments are attempted.

A4R to R: The four stages are identical except that the fourth stage Ql has an adjustable resistor in the feedback path. This unlisted serial prefix indicates that the instrument is different from those documented in this manual. See Service Sheet 5. Be careful when 8525b these operations, line voltage is always present on ter- minals including the power input connec- tor, fuse holder, power switch, etc.

Calibrator Output cont’d 1.

H-P B Spectrum Analyzer I-F Section Operating and Service Manual by H-P | LibraryThing

Service Sheet 14 Component Locations: Add up total attenuation. The amplitude is measured on the analyzer CRT by comparing it to a calibrated signal. All five stages are basically the same: A relatively low level signal approximately dBm will saturate the last amplifier stage.


The broadband IF amplifier provides 10 dB of gain. If the diode enabling dc levels are not present, check the Log Ref Level assembly. If frequency is out of limits, replace A6Y1 and repeat steps 1 through 8.

In many cases the ‘old’ jp has long since been written down, so in the books it appears to have no value. The calibration oscillator is crystal controlled and provides a 30 MHz, dBm signal for use in calibrating the analyzer. FX0 met FLM 2.

HP Agilent Mainframe 141T Display 8555a Spectrum Analyzer RF 8552b If Section

Table lists assemblies within the instru- ment that may be replaced on an exchange basis, thus affording considerable cost savings. Check30 and 10 kHz bandwidths, paragraph This sometimes results in confusion as to which lead or connection is for the cathode nega- tive or anode positivesince not all diodes 855b2 mcirked with the standard symbols.

I have all four of these Sections. Adjusts vertical position and gain of deflection amplifier.

Test Gear Maintenance

Perform steps 1 through 3 except tune the inductor, rather than the capacitors. Check Q2 and associated components.


During checkout at the 8552h, the IF Section is adjusted for proper operation. The total quantity for each part is given only once — at the first appearance of the part number in the list.

Specifications of test equipment and accessories required to performance-test the analyzer are given in Table All Calibrated as of Yesterday. Calibrator Amplitude Test Setup Filename Filesize Model Description hpa. For Internal scan mode, select between: Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits Pro- hpp to test When a marker signal appears, QIO inverts the marker and the dc level at the base of Qll rises.

If the fuse is replaced and it immediately burns out again, a competent technician should be called to troubleshoot the instrument, or it should be returned to Hewlett-Packard for servic- ing. The horizontal amplifiers provide push-pull drive to the CRT horizontal circuits. Scan Time Modulation Peaks 5- 1.

The display on your CRT should now match Figure almost exactly. Up to 10 Up Output Amplitude: Scan time is verified by measuring the period average of the modulation signal using a frequency counter.

Under these conditions the current gain of Q16 is 5: