Appendix 3 Product End-of-Life Disassembly instructions. Product Identification: Marketing Name / Model. Description. HP f Flat Panel. HP f 21 inch LCD Monitor manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP f 21 inch LCD Monitor User Manual • HP Monitors.

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The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in theexpress warranty statements accompanying such products andservices. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting anadditional warranty. HP shall not be liable for amnual or editorialerrors or omissions contained herein. HP assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its softwareon equipment that is not furnished by HP. This document contains proprietary information that is protected bycopyright.

Textcouldoff in this bodily harm or loss of failure tofollow directionsresult inlife. Textresult inindamage to equipment or loss of to followdirections couldinformation. Preparing the Monitor for Shipping The flat-panel monitor features: To use adifferent cord, use only a power source and connection compatiblewith this monitor.

To reduce thethe power cord shock or damage toTheequipment, do not disablegrounding feature. To protectPC andmonitor, as welldevices suchconnect allpower cords for yourits peripheralas amonitor, printer, or scanner to a surge protection device such asa power strip with surge protection or uninterruptible powersupply Manuak.

Not all power strips provide surge protection; the power strips mustbe specifically labeled as having this ability. Safety and Maintenance GuidelinesMaintenance GuidelinesTo enhance the performance and extend the f215 of your monitor: If your monitor is not operating properly orhas been dropped or damaged, contact manuzl HP authorizeddealer, reseller, jp service provider.

Safety and Maintenance GuidelinesCleaning the MonitorThe ph is a high-quality optical device that requires specialcare when cleaning. To clean the monitor, follow these steps: Turn off the PC and the monitor.

Unplug your monitor from the wall outlet before cleaning. Theseany volatilecleanchemicalsmay damage the monitor. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosolcleaners. Safety and Maintenance GuidelinesShipping the MonitorKeep the original packing box in a storage area. You may need itlater if you move or ship your monitor.

When you ship the monitor,prepare it for shipping by folding it into position.

Preparing the Monitor for ShippingRead the following warning and caution statements beforebeginning the manua. Safety and Maintenance Guidelines1. Disconnect the power, video, audio, and USB cables from theside and back of the monitor. Push the panel straight down to flatten the hinge 1as shownin the following illustration.


Place the strap that came with themonitor around the base by threading it through the hinge 2. Safety and Maintenance GuidelinesRotate the front of the panel down to a horizontal position 3. Avoid applying pressure to the LCD screen, doing so cancause damage.

Thesurface whileattach thehinge of the base can spring suddenly and this could cause damageor injury. Make sure mahual contents are included. Storethe box and packing foam. Ensure that the power is turned off to the monitor, PC system,and other attached devices monitor ships f21055 off position. You can connect oneor both cables. Standard VGA pin cable. Setting Up the MonitorInstalling the MonitorYou can install the monitor on a desktop or wall mount notincluded with monitor.

Place the monitor in a convenient,well-ventilated location near your PC. If the monitor is installed on a: Connect the monitor after you have installed it.

Setting Up the Monitor1. Set the monitor on a flat surface. Hold the base of the monitor 1 and lift up the panel at thetop 2 without touching the LCD screen, as shown in thefollowing illustration.

Continue to lift the panel 3 to its easily adjustable position. Stand the monitor r2105 the upright position on a desktop or table.

Setting Up the MonitorTilt and adjust the height of the monitor for proper viewing. Do nottilt the monitor beyond its easily adjustable position. You can adjustthe monitor so that the panel is fully forward and the bottom of thepanel is close to the desktop, if desired. Avoid applying pressure to the LCD screen; doing socan cause damage. Tilt the monitor carefully. Setting Up the MonitorWall Mounting the MonitorBefore you mount the monitor on a wall, a swing arm, or othermounting fixture, f215 must remove the monitor pedestal and backmounting cover.

You will need a Phillips head screwdriver. Readthe following warning and caution statements before beginning theprocedure. Ensure remove the pedestal base assembly from thedown. Attempting tomonitor while it is upright may result in injury to the user.

Manual – HP f LCD Monitor

Setting Up the Monitor2. Pull up on the bottom edge and remove the back cover mwnualasshown in the following illustration. Set the back cover aside. Six screws are exposed.

HP f 21 inch LCD Monitor User Manual | 74 pages

Holding the pedestal base assembly so it cannot fall, removethe six screws 2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver. Lift theassembly 3 and set it aside. Setting Up the Monitor4. Save the removed items screws, back cover, and pedestalbase assembly for future use.


The four threaded mountingholes on the monitor panel are spaced mm apart andare compliant with the VESA standard for mounting flat-panelmonitors. Use the four holes to attach a swing arm or other mountingfixture. Follow the instructions included with the mountingfixture to ensure that the monitor is safely attached. Place the monitor upright, maual shown in the followingillustration.

Setting Up the Monitor3. Connect manuwl audio cable to the Audio Line Out connector green on the PC and to the Audio In connector green onyour monitor to enable the built-in monitor speakers. Setting Up the Monitor7. Setting Up the Monitor8. Read the following warning, and then connect the power cordto the monitor and to an electrical wall outlet.

To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to yourequipment: Setting Up the Monitor9. Place the cables through the two cable management clasps onthe back of the monitor base. Adjust the monitor height and angle.

Turn on the PC, the monitor, and any other attached devices. Adobe Manuql Reader can be hpp from the menu. Operating the MonitorThe Image Color Matching FileThe ICM files provide more accurate color representation bysupplying data to graphics programs to provide consistent colormatching from monitor screen to printer, or from scanner to themonitor screen. The Majual files contain a monitor color systemprofile. These files are activated from within f210 programsthat janual this feature.

Select Download Drivers and Software. Enter the model number for your monitor to go to the softwaredownload pages for your monitor.

Operating the MonitorTo use the auto-adjustment feature: Allow the monitor to warm up for 20 minutes before adjusting. Insert the CD in your disc drive. The CD menu launches. Select Open Auto-Adjustment Software. Does not control volume of optionalsubwoofer or optional external speakers soldseparately. Increases the volume level of the monitorspeakers.

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Operating the MonitorUsing the Onscreen Display1. If the monitor is not already on, press the Power switch G toturn on the monitor. Auto Adjustment appears for VGA analog connections only.

Two OSD menusare available: The Main Menu level 1 displays. The following table describes Main F21105 selections and levels.

TheAdvanced Menu level 1 displays.