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The operator does not dominate the weaker will of his subject and beat him into submission with his “dark, hypnotic eye. This, it seems, would be definitely against his will. Here is a gun. Science wishes to know the facts. The entire group hy;nosis told to awaken-just a precaution as almost never will anyone go into trance at such short notice-and next the operator asks them to clasp hands, following this by the usual challenge.

The writer finds that an ordinary watch with which to take pulse rate as a measure of relaxation is quite as satisfactory.

You are a board standing on end and you are falling back. The man expected to be hypnotized, was an excellent subject, and his own imagination did the rest. It is impersonal and looks much more like a genuine psychological experiment, at least to the layman.

George Estabrooks – Wikipedia

From this point the professional will probably hypnosie through the usual stage procedure, have his subject fish for whales in a goldfish jar, bark all around the stage on all fours, give a Fourth of July speech and finally awaken his very embarrassed subject just as he is about to g.aestabrooks most of his clothes.

Then it might be very useful from the medical angle, when the subject is being treated for, say, alcoholism or stammering. Either the subject awakens, and this will occur in four-fifths of the cases or the subject starts talking in his sleep. The suggestions of the hypnotist have been successful up to this point. The person who walks in his sleep, the “natural” somnambulist, will almost always go into “artificial” somnambulism or deep hypnosis.

The techniques we have described can be mastered by anyone, just as anyone can learn to run an automobile.

George Estabrooks

A small corner of science, it is open to all who are willing to use the necessary care in mastering a technique and v.a.estabrooks in applying the same. Certainly nothing we have presented in our technique for inducing hypnotism savors of the “black art” and we can assure the reader that the following pages will be just as free of any suggestion of the mystic.


You can take your hands apart. It is very possible that in future some enterprising company may devote a period to broadcasting health suggestions, which the audience will accept in the relaxed state and which might be very helpful. Another most interesting way of inducing the trance is by means of the victrola record.

In fact, suggestion appears to be the key of hypnotism. We reinforce this by our own suggestions that the hands are locked tightly together and once again the difficulty he has in parting his hands gives us a fairly good cue as to what will happen with more advanced tests.

If he does not, no one is any the wiser as to hypnosiss has actually been taking place.

Even his companions in medicine look on him as a little queer, so that in America hypnotism has died a very natural death, so far as medicine is concerned. Once again, with practice, g.a.esrabrooks is a simple matter for the experienced hypnotist to watch the group and pick out the good subjects on the basis of how they behave to the victrola record. Such a record would, of course, be so arranged that it would also awaken the subject from the trance.

The g.aestabrooks will also be impressed with the fact that his method of attack stands out in sharp contradiction to that previously described in almost every respect.

If they numbered one or hypnpsis of these professionals among their friends, they would not fall into some very common errors as to theory.

The writer prepared one of the first of these records with the assistance of the Victor people and it is now marketed through the G.a.estabroooks Apparatus Company. The skilled hypnotist can generally take the sleep-walker or sleep-talker and shift him directly over into deep hypnotism without either the knowledge or the consent of his subject.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2

It would seem reasonable to the reader that any good anaesthetic, say ether, should make almost any person susceptible to hypnotism. Returning five minutes later he was astonished to see that one of the group was evidently going into deep hypnosis. One must have more than a mere passing interest in the subject if he is to settle down and really master hypnotism. Not only is it just as effective as any other made of attack, but it is of such a nature that very few laymen would recognize it as anything other than what it purports to be; namely, an experiment to measure ability at relaxation.

The average layman cannot use hypnotism because he has neither the time nor the interest. Your legs are paralyzed. A colleague was using it in another building. Once discovered, these truths are handed over to the public. The tests which we have suggested as of aid in detecting those individuals who will go into deep hypnotism, are, however, only bits of the hypnotic technique itself. To be sure, some people turn out to be much more expert drivers than others, but there is certainly no mystery connected with driving the auto.


Now open your mouth. But we should note that, for all his extravagant claims, he ends with just the same proportion of somnambulists as does the psychologist; namely, one in five.

The writer was hypnotizing a young man who gave all the signs of being an excellent subject. We reply that the danger is quite imaginary. My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members Home F. Many people have the idea that women, especially young women, are much more easily put into the trance than are men. Obviously, then, quiet and relaxation are not necessary to the induction of hypnosis.

After five minutes, during which period we have checked several times on the blood pressure to keep up the delusion, we tell the subject that we would like to see if he can talk in his sleep, since this represents the very deepest form of relaxation. It is well to bear this stage technique in mind when we consider the real nature of hypnotism in Chapter III. This may come as a revelation to the reader but, for example, our own Federal Bureau of Investigation knows more about possible criminal uses of hypnotism than anyone in the country.

So far as the writer can see, it makes very little difference if we start with the eyes open or closed. However, we must note that whereas the hypnotist can get this closing of the eyes in ninety per cent of humanity, this does not necessarily mean that he can go any farther with his suggestions.

You will find no difficulty at all in using your muscles but will remain sound asleep. We begin by requesting the subject to clasp his hands firmly together, and to imagine as vividly as possible that they are locked together, that he cannot take them apart. Here we really borrow from the stage hypnotist.