IFCN Dairy Report For a Better Understanding of Milk Production World- wide. Front Cover. International Farm Comparision Network. Kiel, Germany. IFCN . The IFCN Dairy Report summarises the annual re search work of the IFCN Growth in annual milk production volume world-wide to Eastern Europe. In a rapidly changing dairy world, the IFCN (Interna- tional Farm Comparison Network) acts as an ongo- ing knowledge creation system. It represents 98%.

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I have a variety of interests and hobbies, including fine miniature painting, home brewing Melomels and ciders as well as playing with dary children. Working here has allowed me to bring my expertise in logistics and the supply chain full circle. Inour family moved to the Gold Coast for more opportunities and warmer weather.

After being an avid traveller, setting off to experience the world, I settled in Melbourne where I recently completed a Science Degree in food and human nutrition.

My wife Jaime 2021 originally from Canada, so our daughter is first generation Australian 0212 will no doubt have a mixed accent, for a few years at least. Born in Adelaide, I spent my youth playing every sport I could with a particular passion for football and cricket.

An inclusive, vibrant and progressive business that offers support, opportunities and reward to those who are willing to have a crack. I joined Maxum for the culture and opportunity for growth. A tour of Australia with the school pipe band and rugby team was my first visit Downunder. The dynamics of structural changes of dairy farms internationally will continue and farms will intensify their farming systems, Hemme said.

Gary Houston Native of Scotland, but with my father in the Army we moved a lot, I spent 8 years at military boarding school in Dunblane, Scotland. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.

IFCN Dairy Conference: ‘Milk production will increase 50% per farm by 2030’

Speaking in advance of the conference, Dr. The company is growing at a rapid pace, with so many opportunities for its staff.

Maxum Foods is defined by a dynamic and fun environment that is committed to hard work and hard play, which drives me to achieve my best.


I was fortunate enough to secure sponsorship and a job with a well-known shipping company and spent 6 years there before moving into freight forwarding. I am passionate about agriculture and agribusiness and am thrilled to be working within the Australian Dairy industry.

I have worked in dariy range of industries from hospitality, health and fitness to sales and marketing before entering the dairy industry almost five years ago.

I then spent two years travelling throughout the world, where I worked in both agricultural and financial sectors. Working with the Maxum team is very enjoyable and rewarding. A native Scotsman, I made the move to Ifccn and became a proud citizen in and a dad in with my wife Jamie.

Key findings of the IFCN work in | Milk South Africa

I moved to Australia with my husband 3 years ago and we love the outdoor lifestyle with our active toddler. One of the things that I love most about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. From there I moved to London where I continued working in the events industry whilst exploring Europe. From there I moved to Brisbane and completed a Business Marketing degree.

During my first five years out of school, I lived in Goondiwindi where I worked as a jackaroo on mixed farming and sheep properties. The drive and energy at Maxum Foods provides plenty of challenges every day. Maxum has a dynamic and enthusiastic team with decades of experience in the Dairy industry.

I have been at Maxum from day 1 in Mayfounding the business with Dustin. I love working at Maxum Foods because of the vibrant team culture and the diverse range of marketing projects certainly keeps me busy. Between now and worldwide demand growth reort milk and milk products will be three times the level of current US milk production.

I am a born and breed True Blue Kiwi.

The short-term IFCN outlook points towards a continuing increase in milk supply worldwide. There are always new challenges and with the rapid expansion through the success of the business, I am always working on new projects in a fast passed and dynamic role. I love the challenges of dairg in young and fast-growing companies like Maxum.

After completing a Bachelor of Business at QUT, I started dairt in the freight forwarding and logistics industry where I soon realised that my passion was in customer service and sales. The most significant developments that are expected in the future are in the area of biotechnology and big data.


IFCN Dairy Conference: ‘Milk production will increase 50% per farm by ’ – Maxum Foods

Ben Woodhouse Director I was brought up in Central Queensland on cattle properties before starting boarding school in year 5 at Toowoomba Prep, daiey school I went on to study Business Agribusiness at the University of Queensland. In London I worked for a global payments company where I further developed my business-to-business marketing experience.

My hobbies include watching and following almost any kind of sport, along with spending time with my two boys. In my career I have worked in sales support roles with a strong focus on customer service and outcomes, principles that I have carried into my work at Feport. Think about drones, blockchains and picture analysis. This ensures our sales team have the tools to continue providing a fantastic service and product to our customers. I attended 20112 in Brisbane and on completing a Bachelor of Business, I bought a one-way ticket to explore the world.

My hobbies are acrylic canvas painting, family, cooking and keeping fit. I joined the Maxum Team in July and immediately became addicted to the fantastic company culture. The synergy and enthusiasm of the Maxum daury is unparalleled. After which I spent 4 years at professional services firm BDO attaining my qualification as a Chartered Accountant while developing skills across many different industries, all of which provided insight through their own unique business cultures and entrepreneurial challenges.

Native of Scotland, but with my father rreport the Army we moved a lot, I spent 8 years at military boarding school in Dunblane, Reoort. I have watched the company grow at a steady rate of knots over the past 4 years and it is exciting to be contributing to this.

My wife is from Australia and we have 3 young girls and so family reasons have recently brought us to Australia. But how much additional milk is needed in ?