The year saw the most severe influenza season since national reporting of influenza began in Early in the season the National Incident Room was. northern hemisphere (November to April ). Between October and January , influenza was reported in Africa, the. This report summarises information on seasonal influenza rates in the EU/EEA for eight influenza seasons (– to –).

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Over ifluenza207, a growing number of countries lowered the recommended age for adult influenza vaccination. As the ability to monitor vaccination coverage is a key component of any vaccination programme, all Member States may need to reconsider their approach in order to collect more comprehensive and accurate information on vaccination coverage for all targeted population groups.

In the United States, the formulation of nonpharmacologic community mitigation interventions promoted by the Reeport is a critical step in pandemic preparedness.

A review of confirmed cases of H5N1 influenza illustrated that the median duration from onset of symptoms to hospital admission was 4 days and the time to death was 9 days. How to increase influenza vaccination uptake and ifluennza2007 preventive measures to limit its spread The influenza vaccination communication guidelines provide advice, guidance and campaign materials to support ifleunza2007 influenza vaccination campaigns with the purpose of increasing the influenza vaccination uptake in the EU Member States.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. For this reason, there is always the possibility of a less than optimal match between viruses in the vaccine and circulating viruses. New classes of antiviral drugs expected to enhance treatment and containment options are also emerging. Indonesia recently reported cases and 87 deaths due to H5N1 virus infection, confirming its current rank as the world leader in the number of human H5N1 influenza cases.

It is notable that more Members States were able to report on coverage in this and other risk groups. Accessed 23 April You have entered an invalid code.

Influenza (Flu) Season | CDC

Between —08 and —15, 26 Member States reported vaccination coverage rates for older populations for at least one season; coverage rates for this demographic ranged from 1.


The second annual Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Conference, which took place in February in Arlington, Virginia, focused on recent progress in basic iluenza2007 clinical research regarding preparedness for outbreaks of influenza.

Bacterial infections can occur as co-infections with influenza or occur following influenza infection. Children under 6 months old can become very sick from the flu, but they are too young to get a flu vaccine. Board on population health and public health practice.

Sialidase fusion protein as a novel broad-spectrum inhibitor of influenza virus infection. Activity in all nine regions peaked in early to late February.

Member States ifluezna2007 do not monitor vaccination coverage among older age groups are encouraged to implement monitoring systems that are age-group-specific, in accordance with national recommendations, to enable them to track their progress or identify obstacles that keep them from achieving ifluenzq2007 and EU targets. Iflenza2007 articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Among specimens collected since October 1, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Annual report of the National Influenza Surveillance Scheme, 2007.

The peak number of states reporting widespread or ilfuenza2007 activity during the previous three seasons has ranged from 41 to 48 states. The clinical morbidity of the infection in terms of complications or most affected groups cannot be determined but anecdotal reports indicate this season may have impacted young adults more than is usual. What can be done to protect children from flu-associated illness and death? How many children have died from flu-associated complications during previous flu seasons?

Accessed 8 March For rsport information about the vaccine strain selection process, visit Selecting the Viruses in the Influenza Flu Vaccine.

The increase in the percentage of visits for ILI and ARI during the week ending December 29, week 52 might have been influenced ifluenza200 a reduction in routine health-care visits during the holiday season, as has occurred during previous seasons.

Vaccination should begin in September or as soon as vaccine is available. As a result of this massive federal investment, many human vaccine studies have been completed or are under way and have been providing important information.

Whitley; Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza: Flu Deaths in Children Flu-associated deaths in children defined as persons aged 18 years and younger first became a nationally notifiable igluenza2007 during the flu season and are reported through the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System NNDSS.


2007-2008 Influenza (Flu) Season

This may reflect, at least in part, relative control of infection in poultry as a result of a vaccination program. Consequently, neither limited human-to-human transmission nor a potential role of shared genetic susceptibility can be excluded [ 5 ].

Accessed 25 July Where did most flu activity occur in the United States this season? Twitter Facebook Linked In Mail. The proportion of H1 strains of influenza circulating varied across Australia but was higher than in most jurisdictions. Flu activity peaked in mid-February and then decreased through the end of the flu season on May The robust regression model used to calculate the Cities Mortality Reporting System baseline and epidemic threshold values was recently modified.

In Februaryexperts from around the world convened at the Seasonal and Geport Influenza Conference in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss progress that has been made in preparing for the next iflufnza2007 season and for an influenza pandemic.

The number of countries that recommended influenza vaccination for people with morbid obesity increased nine Member States in —11, 19 in — Global strategic planning efforts focus on assuring sufficient stocks of vaccines and antiviral agents, as well as timely nonpharmacological interventions to potentially delay or contain spread of an outbreak.

None of the oseltamivir-resistant influenza A H1N1 viruses identified during the season were resistant to adamantanes. In conclusion, the results of the VENICE surveys indicate that ifulenza2007 of the Member States have clear recommendations as to which population groups should receive seasonal influenza vaccine, i. Flu-associated deaths in children defined as persons ifluenzza2007 18 years and younger first became a nationally reporg condition during the flu season and are reported through the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System NNDSS.