INTERNSHIP REPORT ONPAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Submitted to: The Chairman Department of Business Administ. An internship report; internship in the department of WLL, Switching and The system of E-PAYMENT which although exist in PTCL finance. internship report on ptcl history Financial analysis all things available.

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At the time of the annual review of all salaried personnel for possible pay increases, the operating manager plays a key role in advising operating manager ijternship the administration of the program. It comes easily affordable denomination of Rs. To provide maximum satisfaction to its customers by using the latest technology.

It defines job title, pay grades, a set of relatively fixed reporting relationships, and related formal tasks. For 25 years, cinance ve been the pioneers of mobile messaging, providing award-winning. The use of electronic transmission medium telecommunications to engage in the exchange including buying and selling of products and services.

The very important thing which I realized is, like any other basic sphere of modern socio- Industrial activities, Telecommunication is a main and important field for the development of any country. The vouchers were listed and traded on stock exchanges. With the new expected investment, Ufone can now aggressively expand its network coverage.


There are destinations in the whole world to which there is international communication but the active relationship of PTCL with 52 carriers. These customers can be blocked, unblock at any time as per the requirement of the user.

Etisalat has been the telecommunication service provider in the UAE since and stands th among the financial times top corporations in the world in terms of market capitalizations.


Staff and Establishment Branch 4. This reporf is for 90 days. A maximum of 16 periods can be updated. The reference document number can contain the document number of the business partner, but a different entry can also be made.

The sole intention is to disseminate with the realistic manipulation of the organization. Rural communications This is a brief business plan that I made for a rural Telecom project using innovative technology.

It plays an important role in determining the long-term objectives and evaluating the feasibility of the business.

Internship Report on Ptcl | Free Essays –

He is responsible for the efficient operation of telecommunications and finances, revenues and ltcl of the staff. Medical leave will be granted only in case of accident, illness, injury etc.

R department of the company generally performs the following roles: SAP is standard project system it is divided into three servers. It delivers a high quality IT More information. Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business The complete package If you want to block or unblock any Vendor use FK The information made available through an ERP system provides visibility for key performance indicators KPIs required for meeting corporate objectives.

Dispatch of ceaques 5.


This key specifies how the Assignment field is to be filled in the line items that are posted to the customer account. Waild Irshaid said that PTCL employees have exhibited their profound sense of sharing and empathy on this occasion. Therefore, Ufone has always balanced its expansion efforts and quality of service.

Certain recommendations are presented for interndhip potential areas of improvement.

I dedicate all my efforts and struggles of the educational life to my dear parents without them I am meaningless. Overview To address the growing expectations of customers and agents, innovative insurance carriers are starting to leverage communication and collaboration technologies as a competitive advantage for.

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Press information June Efficient evolution to all-ip The competitive landscape for operators and service providers is reoort changing.

Internship Report on Ptcl

Only when you post an invoice or credit memo, does the system carry out the normal account movements and make the necessary updates. PTCL brought Pakistan into the list of those few countries that are providing the finnace TV services to their customer.

Kn at the regional and Sr. About the project, in the first phase of the report there is the general introduction, history and management about the company and then different terms have been explained, then the mission, values, different services and different strategies of the organization have been explained.

Place at which costs occur. Donation to Earthquake victims in Baluchistan Earthquake struck the western telecom region Quetta leaving terrifying effects in the region.

The QAS Quality Assurance Server or is used for the trainings purposes and to familiarize the user with the system. Classroom or Live on Web Duration: Milpitas, CA Tel: Presently it has 8 members. The successful privatization of PTCL is hailed as ushering in a new era for telecommunications in Pakistan. Features Faster and clear voice Fax and data communication on a single phone PRI provides thirty 64 kbps user channel plus two 16 kbps signaling channel BRI provides two 64 kbps user channel plus one 16 kbps signaling channel Cost effective 33 P a g e.

This program directly focuses on the poor populace of Pakistan. This text contains explanations or notes which apply to the document as a whole, that is, not only for certain line items.