Everyone from Warren G. Harding to King Tut shows up in this madcap and visionary novel from Ishmael Reed. But the star of the show is not even a person, . America, wrote Ishmael Reed in his novel Mumbo Jumbo, is “mercurial, restless, violent the travelling salesman who can sell the world. MUMBO JUMBO by Ishmael Reed Mumbo Jumbo is a non-fiction novel. When a novel includes a item bibliography, you know we’re in.

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In my twenties, when I worked as a management consulting with McKinsey and the Boston Consulting Group, I applied iehmael formulas to plot the success of new product launches and forecast the impact of technology shifts.

Views Read Edit View history. Another touch of realism is the inclusion of a mysterious ocean liner that is part of the Black Star Linea shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garveywho organized the United Negro Improvement Association. I kept hoping for an Indiana Jones moment where a character could say that “it belongs in a museum” only to get pistol-whipped and told that it belongs to the people who created it.

The United States’ occupation of Haitiattempts by whites to suppress jazz music, and the widespread belief that president Warren Harding had black ancestry are mingled with a plot in which the novel’s hero, PaPa LaBas, searches for a mysterious book that has disappeared with black militant Abdul Sufi Hamid whose name reflects that of the Harlem streetcorner radical preacher Sufi Abdul Hamida.

Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed

Reed jummbo most of his story in New York during the Jazz Age. So I guess it’s a good thing that I ended up rather enjoying this light-hearted romp. The truth is that, since Reed saw his novel published inthe world has changed very little. I would hungrily devour the intellectual scraps and leftovers of the learned.

Mumbo Jumbo

Check out the work of Everett Rogers for insights into this field of forecasting and trend analysis. Retrieved September 8, Mumbo Jumbo First edition. There are some good parodic moments, and while the book indulges in some far flights of fancy in developing its conspiracy theories, it knows how to have fun with its own conceits, rather than deliver its material too dryly. A prominent African-American literary figure, Reed is known for his satirical works challenging American political culture, and highlighting political and cultural oppression.


Mumbo Jumbo: a dazzling classic finally gets the recognition it deserves

It’s this same reason why I never recommend my favorite books for monthly book club reads. While some believe the media invented Jes Grew to sell papers, Harlem Voodoo priest Papa LaBas is drawn into the search for its ancient text. The Experimental Fiction of Ishmael Reed”.

Into this milieu, and to parody DuBois, came the Reformer, the school-marm, First Radical Kshmael, Douglass’s narrative is a harbinger of the trickster, Sandy Jenkins’ “brew,” his root, gonna save Douglass’s ass, only it provides rather a key to “reading” the slave system’s code as an “outside”: Why is it Death you like? Mumbo Jumbo is the real deal, it takes mystical subject matter and weaves it into a surrealistic novel revolving around Afro-diasporan religion.

The mathematical models used to study the diffusion of innovations come from medical science, and were originally developed to predict the spread of epidemics. I doubt mummbo novelist Ishmael Reed ever practiced management consulting, but apparently he learned the same lessons about the diffusion reec new musical styles.

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Jes Grew comes in the form of music and dancing and is what the Wallflower Order wants the black community to eliminate by way of conforming to white society instead of allowing it to mix in with the melting pot these eugenically inflected terms are apropos.

Open Preview See a Problem? Books by Ishmael Reed. Then we get a confusing epilogue which gets across the theme mentioned above relating to PaPa LaBas as the bridge The flesh is next. Writers nowadays may do some things better than their predecessors, but the generation that lived through McCarthyism, the Cold War, Alger Hiss and Kim Philby had a much better skill at capturing the exotic flavor of the paranoid mindset in narrative form.

Okay, so Ishmael Reed has his problems – he can’t write women, for a start – but this book is something special all the same. Thomas Pynchon’s freewheeling narrator of Gravity’s Rainbow tells us, “Well, and keep in mind where those Masonic Mysteries came from in the first place. PaPa LaBas, attempting to arrest Hinckle von Hampton, explains to a Harlem society gathering that, “if you must know, it all began s of years ago in Egypt. How soon do you expect me to read this? But the least good option, Option C, is the way the book went, which was to just tell everyone what your idea was, even though the narrative progress is brought to a grinding halt.


Published June 11th by Scribner first published The Teutonic Knights, founded in the twelfth century, also want to block the disease. Reed’s ludic style protects his conspiracy theory from seeming like the work of a mere crank, though I’m sure he believes the spirit, if not the letter, of it.

The whole part about the roots of Jes Grew, in particular, is just excellent, and reef a Quite a wonderful novel; perhaps not perfect, but wildly imaginative and inspiring.

Da pendulum done swung and we swamped like this here book will eat yer lunch and spit it out. So, if you are looking for a serious laugh, I highly recommend Mumbo Jumbo.

Mumbo Jumbo (novel) – Wikipedia

PaPa LaBas practices from his Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral, and at one point his assistant is taken over by a loa whom she has neglected to feed. Moses himself is revealed to have effectively swindled the secrets of Osiris for himself, which resulted in his getting only the negative side of the magic; this negative side became monotheism as we know it, everything that “the people of the book” have wrought. I take reading more personally than most, apparently. LaBas riteneva che quando questo impostore, questo pesante archetipo che affliggeva l’anima Afro-Americana, fosse stato eliminato, il paese avrebbe tirato un gran sospiro di sollievo come se l’anima fosse piedi che riposano in acque minerali dopo miglia di cammino tra chiodi, sassi, carboni ardenti e spine.

Later I found that these same mathematical models could help me understand the early spread of jazz, blues and other musical ‘epidemics’ of the past and present. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My point is not to side with West over Coates or Reed over the western world, but to get the tally right; I will say that “left” and “right” are becoming ever less reliable guides to cultural politics, though the comrades tell me that that is itself a right-wing position.

Voodoo itself is traced back to sharing a common ancestor with Judeo-Christianity in ancient Egypt, with Osiris as the first recipient of Jes Grew, whose effects and powers are interchangeable with that of Voodoo.