These scriptures are known as Jain Agam or Agam Sutras. The Agam Sutras teach great reverence for all forms of life, strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism . Jain Agam Literature Compiled by. Pravin K. Shah Jain Study Center of NC ( Raleigh). Background. Lord Mahavir’s preaching was orally complied by his. Agamas are original texts of Jainism based on the discourses of the tirthankara. The discourse delivered in a samavasarana (divine preaching hall) is called.

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In the early centuries of the common era, Jain texts containing Mahavira’s teachings were written in palm-leaf manuscripts. From truth, according to Mahavira, language returns—not the other way around. This agam describes the story of Monk Keshi. The surviving versions of the Agamas taught by Mahavira are some of Jainism’s foundation texts. This agam explains Jain principles through examples and stories.

Jain texts

These scriptures are said to have contained the ahamas comprehensive and accurate description of every branch of learning that one needs to know. His birthday falls on the thirteenth day of the rising moon in the month of Chaitra in the Vira Nirvana Samvat calendar era. The distortion of the original texts caused much concern to the Jains. Encyclopedia of Jainism Edited by Nagendra Kr. The third part, Purvagata contained 14 purvas.

After his death, the king was born in heaven as a deva. Mahavira proclaimed in India that religion is a reality and not a mere social convention.

Jain philosophy Epistemology of religion. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana.

This agam defines and catalogues the main substances of the Jain religion from a different perspective than the Sthananga Sutra. Jain theology developed after Mahavira through the teachings of particularly learned monks – these teachings too, had to be memorised – and so the amount that the monks had to remember steadily increased.


It consists of the following texts, which contain geography, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and like literature. Lord Mahavir’s immediate disciples were known as Ganadharas. This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain principles of observances, conduct, behavior, and like literature.

In both traditions, jaln jiva soul is believed agamax abide in Siddhashila the home of liberated souls. Jambudeepa is a big island located in the center of the middle world as explained in the Jain geography. Jains don’t regard Mahavira as the founder of their religion, so his words aren’t of importance because he said them, but because they:.

They relate to the conduct and behavior of monks and nuns. The description, which is found in the other Jain Sutras relating to Drashtivada, indicates that this Ang-agam was the largest of all Agam Sutras. All jaih princes fought with King Chetaka of Vaishali in cooperation with king Konika. The existing Svetambara texts are based on the Vallabhi council texts.

It is generally represented by a tree with twelve branches.

This agamaw provides the description of many rights regarding the mode of preaching. The Jain Agamas enumerate five vratas vows which ascetics and householders must observe. The memorized sutras were divided into two major groups: This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain religious stories, art, literature, history, poetry, and like literature. They provide further explanation of Ang-agams. Just as if a person, when asked about a mango, were to answer with a breadfruit; or, when asked about a breadfruit, were to answer with a mango: By using this site, you jaib to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In fact, a significant number of Agam sutras were already forgotten and lost after the famine. In or CE that the Vallabhi council of the Svetambara Jain monks recompiled the Agamas and recorded them as written manuscripts under the leadership of Acharya Shraman Devardhigani along with other Jain scholars. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. The Digambar sect believes that all Ang-bahya-agams were also gradually lost starting about two hundred years agzmas Lord Mahavir’s Nirvan.

Jaun other uses, see Agama disambiguation. Many images jsin Mahavira have been dated to the 12th century and earlier; [] an ancient sculpture was found in a cave in Sundarajapuram, Theni districtTamil Nadu. It is really true that salvation can not be had by merely observing external ceremonies.

Jain epistemology – Wikipedia

The Pravachanasara says that only the nails and hair of tirthankaras are left behind; the rest of the body dissolves in agamad air like camphor. The Jain literature includes both religious texts and books on generally secular topics such as sciences, history, and grammar. Jainjin. It gives very important information to the scholars of biology and botany.

The Digambaras acknowledge that nineteen out of the twenty-four Tirthamkaras married and had children. Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. There are several other indications of the limits of ascetic life.

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