JAN TOPOROWSKI. CURRICULUM VITAE. 1 Mall Studios. Tasker Road. London NW3 2YS. Telephone: Facsimile: e-mail. Publications on Jan Toporowski. There is 1 publication for Jan Toporowski. by Hyman P. Minsky and the theory of capital market inflation by Jan Toporowski. Jan Toporowski WP 6 Leader. SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL ANDAFRICAN STUDIES, SOAS, LONDON, UK. [email protected] is Professor of Economics and.

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Toporowski, Jan ‘From Marx to the Keynesian revolution: Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking.

Kalecki was not a Communist. The kind of analysis of roporowski firm that he gave us can give much improved insights into our current predicaments: I wonder if Kalecki would have been such a great economist if he had been at university.

Jan Toporowski | Levy Economics Institute

Most contemporary economic theory tells us that the key economic decisions are made by otporowski rather than firms and this is quite patently untrue. Toporowski, Jan ‘Minsky’s ‘induced investment and business cycles”. Alternative Perspectives on the World Financial Crisis. For Kalecki, money and monetary policy were endogenous to the business cycle. Studi e Note di Economia15 3, pp The circulation of money is determined by business investment, and not by credit policy. He had a practical knowledge of statistics, rather than the firm grasp of statistical theory that would have been necessary for this.

What determines the equilibrium in such an economy is the level of investment. Tavasci, Daniela and Toporowski, Jan, eds.


Research Topics

It is dynamic, accounts for economic change, and incorporates the most commonly observed phenomena about contemporary capitalism: Toporowski, Jan ‘Review of: Toporowski, Toporowzki ‘Lange and Keynes’. Jan Toporowski has recently published Volume 1 of a biography of Michal Kalecki. Review of Keynesian Economics5 4, pp Rendezvous in CambridgePalgrave Macmillan, July Essays in Honor of Wynne Godley. Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy.

Very few academics have that kind of background or experience. In their interest rate and credit policies, central bankers delude themselves that they control the business cycle, when it is the business cycle that controls central bankers.

Moreover he knew that he was unusual among academics in this regard, and this gave him an unusually critical, even contemptuous, attitude towards academic research that dealt with abstract theory rather than practical problems. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics39 4, pp Review of Political Economy27 1, pp It was only during the last thirteen years of his life that he worked in a university and even then this was on sufferance on the part of the university, since he had no university degree.

Behind these discrepancies too were wholly different approaches to economic dynamics.

Cambridge Journal of Economics34 5, pp First of all we are supposed to train economists who will work in business and government, where their supervisors have expectations that jaan new staff will be familiar with certain ideas and not challenge them with new ones.


By Intellect Alone — But too little of these attitudes are informed by the kind of hard practical knowledge that Kalecki had. Revue d’economie financiere67pp If investment is too low, then there will be involuntary unemployment. Did his background influence the development of these ideas? Ruziev, Kobil and Perdikis, Nicholas, toporoswki. For Kalecki economic dynamics meant the business cycle, in which the circular flow of income generates cumulative changes from one time period to the next.



He was denounced in the US Senate as a Communist sympathiser. Volume 2 of Essays in Honour of Tadeusz Kowalik.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Bellofiore, Riccardo and Vertova, Giovanna, eds. History of Political Economy42 2, pp But he hated capitalism for the misery that it created and he thought that socialism would avoid this. Toporowski, Jan ‘Multilateralism and Military Keynesianism: History of Economics Review49 Winter, pp Kalecki returned dramatically to my agenda in when I lost my job at South Bank University.

First of all he stands out for his insistence that, in a capitalist economy, it is capitalist firms that determine the character and dynamics of the system, with lesser possibilities available to governments and households than is attributed to them by most current economic theory.