Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Leonard Lawlor and. Amit Sen. . Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel, see also Jean Hyppolite, “La ‘phenoin . This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is.

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These 2 locations in Queensland: The Transformation of Metaphysics into Logic. These, however, are the determinations that are truly prey to the dialectic, and there is no stable object below them.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Logic and Existence, which originally appeared incompletes the project Hyppolite began with Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. Jean Hyppolite was a professor at Strasbourg and then the Sorbonne as well as serving as Director of the Ecole Normale Superieure.

Borchardt Library, Melbourne Bundoora Campus.

Logic and Existence by Jean Hyppolite

This is why the first term passes into the second which is the negative; it is its other. But this Judgment is dialectical in its form.

Phillip Homburg rated it really liked it Sep 16, For example, the affirmative Judgment is considered in its form as true, since it is referred exclusively to the content. Be the first to add this to a list.


Logic & Existence

In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. We can still say that being divides itself into being and nothingness and shows itself then as becoming. The Logic is the genesis of the absolute Idea.

Ian “Marvin” Graye marked it as to-read Jul 01, To say that jeaan Absolute is exlstence is to say that it is in itself. It is different from itself in its identity; it contradicts itself. The thing itself is dialectical in its determinations, or, if you like, the dialectical movement of the determinations constitutes the thing itself.

The concept is the universal sense that always remains universal in every particular sense, sublating itself, as in the word, and this sublation is there. Matt added it Feb 07, The beginning is therefore really the Absolute; it is the Absolute in itself and progress is the presentation of the Absolute, its becoming for-itself.

The determinations of being will be reproduced at this level, but as reflected determinations. Return to Book Page. Between Philosophy and Non-Philosophy. Request removal from hyppoolite. Jordan Adams marked it as to-read Jan 27, Micah rated it really liked it Jan 11, It is the being which is its self-consciousness, its sense, and this self-consciousness, in turn, is being itself, the absolute Idea scattered into nature and into history.

Infinity is also there immediately; it is the bad infinite, the indefinite series of a something and its other. Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 2 of 2.


The movement of its self-position is what Hegel calls the concept, which we could translate by sense.

It is like a second being behind the first, but when we no longer abstract from its position, when we comprehend it as self-positing, as self-constituting, then it is no longer essence but sense.

Logic and Existence – Jean Hyppolite – Google Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. What is essential is that the absolute method finds and recognises the determination of the universal within itself. The totality is always immanent, the beginning indicates the end, only the hypolite allows us to comprehend retrospectively the beginning. These essentialities are constitutive of reflection. Being interiorises itself while essentialising itself. Essence is the division of being in itself, the secret of being and the initiation into this secret, but this secret is its intelligibility, its conceivability.

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Empirical Proposition and Speculative Proposition 2. Not much more helpful than reading Hegel’s Lesser Logic. Reminiscence does not refer to the first essence; rather, the essence is constituted through the originary act of reminiscence.

Pap on Logic, Existence, and Descriptions.