Find out in the groundbreaking new book, Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth author Jennifer L. Pozner, and she’ll bring Reality Bites Back on the road. Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TV by Jennifer L. Pozner. Read “Reality Bites Back The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV” by Jennifer L. Pozner with Rakuten Kobo. Nearly every night on every major network .

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Which sums up so much of my fear about media and the ways that women are depicted – we do not see ourselves as having reqlity, intelligence, or inherent worth outside of our looks and our bits with men.

We must remember that the driving factor for all corporate media production is to turn tidy pozher for the handful of mega merged corporations. The last chapter offers ways to fight back and have your voice heard about the media that surrounds you as well as party games to critique reality tv shows.

The present world of tv has not served us well. Most of my friends watching reality tv are well aware of these points and the fun is in the reading and dialogue around what is happening – not around making fun of the characters but around making fun of the process of filming, almost.

Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV

Do not be fooled by reality television. Highly, highly recommended for teachers, parents, teenagers–everyone!

A noted public speaker, Pozner has conducted interactive multimedia presentations and participated in panels and debates at dozens of high schools, colleges, and conferences in more than half the US. Nov 03, Kristina Klausser rated it really liked it. It sure felt like it.

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That way, one can present the lastest wonder bra, face cream, make-up hair product, dress, home appliance that will fix it for them.


Pozner gives example after example after example Initially, I wasn’t all that interested in reading this book, as I felt as if it would be a retread of many concepts I had read before. These iennifer bits were informative and enjoyable, especially if one is interested in finding out more about the sausage making aspect of reality television production. I am not being slowly brainwashed, or turned into a mindless consumerist zombie, or buying into the Bachelor version of romance.

And the best part is that this book is funny as well as engaging about racism, sexism, homophobia, class, and more. I waited way too long to read this book, and honest, ten years later, yeah, it does feel a little out of date.

Need a speaker on gender, race and class in the media for your college, high school or community group? The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.

That said, in the ten years since she’s published this book, intersectional feminist discourse botes changed, and there are moments in the text where I wish I could pull out some ableist language. She states ” This isn’t just about depriving women of female friendships to foster desperation for male affection.

Health at Every Size proponents, body acceptance activists, and fat positive agitators all reject the notion of “under” and “over” where weight is concerned. She views reality shows as the new minstrel show. The other part I jebnifer is when it discusses how attitudes toward reality TV have changed over the past decade, especially among those who’ve grown up with it.

Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV by Jennifer L. Pozner

You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: She encourages enhancing media literacy – not just television, but all media – throughout our society.

Toddlers functions as a poznrr ground for female sexual performance, preparing little girls to cultivate and relish objectification Further to “ways in which this book is out of date”: Worth reading for any viewer of reality tv!

Soon, after only one kind of woman is shown and this trope is repeated time jennifdr again, people, especially young people who grew up watching reality television, will begin to believe on a certain level that this is the way women are. Every body is different. While a good number of these shows are still on the air, they don’t seem to get the coverage or the mass interest that they once did – although I should note that m I waited way too long to read this book, and honest, ten years later, yeah, it does feel a little out of date.


Of course I know that much of it is staged and directed, but I haven’t given much thought to pozne, outside of regarding it as mindless entertainment. However, the book is still worth reading, and to be fair her points are well argued and well thought out. But maybe I should have. I can’t say I’ve watched any of these, except poznfr the last few minutes of model which was one before something else. The rating jjennifer really be a 3. The antidotes about issues with pozer reality programs were generally good.

God forbid we should think we’re great the way we are and didn’t need to buy some thing to make us better. This book took me much longer to read as each chapter is so full of current and important media critique that is directly relevant to my life AND to the work that I do.

Reality Bites Back Book

I look forward to reading Jenn’s next book, no matter what it is about. Please – read this book. These are powerful tools in the art of persuasion, more so when deployed by a multibillion-dollar industry.

We Should All Be Feminists. Sep 21, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. jsnnifer

Know what you are being sold, and remember