John G. Hoefle serves as a Secretary of Vitran Express, Inc. Mr. Hoefle served at Daily Delivery Service, Indianapolis, IN from to From , he. John Hoefle has been Executive Intelligence Review’s banking columnist since For the previous six years he worked out of EIR’s Houston bureau, where. View the profiles of people named John Hoefle. Join Facebook to connect with John Hoefle and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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It is a lesson in physical economy.

Over the 15 years ended insome 1. Strategic Method and Studies. Audio Windows Media Video. As urban areas grow, especially in the South and West, irrigated land is increasingly being converted to non-agricultural uses.

Guest, John Hoefle

Click to get PDF version with Graphics. At its origin, the river is feet above mean sea level, and Cairo is feet above sea level, a drop of feet. A lesson we have largely forgotten. A current map would show a continued horfle in railroad mileage, as the railroads consolidated.

We’ve lost some 2. Figure 4 shows agricultural irrigation patterns nationally, as a percent of farmed area, in Given that this is the fastest-growing region of the country, these water shortages will only worsen.

John Hoefle | LaRouche Irish Brigade

Marcia has described how the productivity of the nation was increased through land management and infrastructure, draining the swamps, taming the rivers, building railroads. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Dialogues, Faced with increasing delays in shipping times, and a shortage of rail cars, many shippers turned to trucks and waterborn transportation to move their goods. Nuclear power represented the opportunity for mankind to make a great technological leap, to an era of safe, cheap and virtually unlimited power, which would transform the world in which we live.

The ability to ship goods quickly, cheaply, and efficiently across much of the country boosted both domestic and foreign trade. Wreaking even more havoc on our agricultural sector is the movement to place land in “conservation reserves” and restore “wetlands. Water levels in the Colorado are at a year low, and Lake Mead is only half full. It leaves out vital projects such as golf courses, which consume large amounts of water.


Guest, John Hoefle on BBS Radio

What is the Schiller Institute? Starting with the Environmental Policy Act ofand the Water Bank Act and Earth Day inthe concept of land management has been replaced with the romantic idea that the land should be free from human interference, and that the rivers should be free to flow as they wish, unencumbered by dams and flood-control measures.

Thank you for supporting the Schiller Institute. To paraphrase Lord Bertrand Russell: This temporary gate replaces the cracked main gate, which hoeflee sent off-site to repair cracks in the metal. Many of the plants on the drawing board, and some actually under construction, were cancelled. None of these rivers would be navigable were it not for the dams, which turn each river into a series of pools, and locks, which permit river traffic to move from one pool to another.

A series of eight locks and dams are used to maintain navigability. The McAlpine lock was down for two weeks for repairs, in which workers welded steel patches over the foot-long cracks in the foot-high lock gates.

One day, unusually heavy rains hit the area and the lake began to rise. Figure 17 is an omen of the future. The only way to turn this disaster around is through the principle of LaRouche’s “Super TVA,” a government-credit-financed emergency development program.

Instead of a science driver to take the world to new hoecle, we got a descent into rentier-financier looting. Just as our infrastructure has deteriorated, so has the composition of our labor force, with nearly all of the net job gain since World War II occurring in the overhead sector. Kaiser found that it could make more money reselling electricity it bought from the Bonneville Power Administration during the electricity crisis, than it could make by using that electricity to make aluminum.


The navigable section of the upper Mississippi River falls even further, from feet above yoefle level near Minneapolis-St. Emergency repairs have also been necessary at four locks on the Upper Mississippi, as gates left in service long past their design lifespan crack from metal fatigue.

Just as we turned back the clock in energy policy, we are doing the same in agriculture policy. Eurasian Landbridge and Economy.

John Hoefle & Amy Coombs Wedding Day

Twenty-nine locks and dams have been built on the Upper Mississippi. Another example is the giant hooefle Iowa,” formed during the great flood of Figure 7. Today, there are 20 locks and dams on the river, and nearly a quarter of them are beyond their year engineering lifespan. This presented a major problem, since the second lock at McAlpine, a foot-long lock, was already shut down, being replaced with a second 1,foot lock in a long-delayed project.

Manufacturing aluminum requires a lot of power, and the combination of the drought and the manipulations of the Western energy markets by Enron and its fellow pirates, led to the shutdown of several plants in the Northwest in recent years. This is officially called “floodplain restoration,” but it is actually swamp-building. Figure 5 shows the areas which have been hit the hardest.

Faced with that prospect, large numbers of nuclear reactors were planned. The significance of this event, which occurred Aug. We have become a nation of consumers, rather than producers.

October ; May Co ngress of Cultural Freedom Fascism: But those plants are aging, nearing the end of their lives.