Kapila GitaKapila (Hindi: कपिल ऋषि) was a Vedic sage. Traditional Hindu sources describe him as a descendant of Manu, a grandson of Brahma. Kapila-Gita. Kapila Muni starts from rock-bottom fundamentals. It is the mind that is the villain of the piece. Both for the bondage of the jIva and for its release from . book, Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahuti, is based on a .. the Bhagavad-gita (): “The bewildered spirit soul, under the in.

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Just as for mundane benefits we cultivate.

Teachings of Lord Kapila Free PDF Download |

The bondage of puruSa by prakriti is burnt up by spiritual practices performed day and night by prakriti body-mind gota, like the fuel by the fire in the cup of the araNi. Im gay and have been chanting Hare Krishna and hanging out at a Temple for 18 years. Those who continuously listen to or teach this teaching of kapila muni, the secret of Self knowledge, get their mind absorbed in Lord viShNu and attain the lotus feet of the Lord. He concludes the narration with following verses: Please keep printing in exactly the same Jiva is renounced KG 1.

By Thy Grace, at the end of many lifetime, I have gained in You an excellent eye guide that can penetrate that blindening darkness of ignorance and infatuation which if difficult to cross. You kapipa me goosebumps. He is beginningless, sourceless.

Kapila Gita is unique in it’s own way as it teaches advaita-bhakti. Phala shruti benefits of reading and teaching Kapila Gita.

We Respect Your Privacy! I beg to acknowledge receipt of your So also the Self known as the Seer, bhagavan or brahman is distinct from the senses telugk the mind 40And they point to the Purushhathat transcends the PrakRRitias the cause of enjoyership of happiness and unhappiness. What if the prakriti does not leave the puruSa due to mutual interdependence and eternal coexistence? I salute You who are the Reality, the Supreme puruSa, viShNu incarnated as kapila, who are meditated upon within the inward flow of thoughts, who, by Vita brilliance destroys the might of the qualities of prakriti and who is mapila source of the veda-s.


Objects do not exist in reality. I am present in every living entity as the Self. Any thought of an object is foreign to it.

Our Opinion on Homosexuality? DevAhUti, has doubts as how can one get rid of prakriti.

And the Lord continues, as if inspired: Afew characteristic shlokas from this description may be recalled: Let the whole world drown in the ecstatic flood of love of Krishna! In these special lectures, however, Srila Prabhupada went into significantly greater detail in elucidating the verses and shed an even broader light upon these fascinating teachings.

Join the Krishna Connect Newsletter. He is beyond the prakRRiti. On the other hand if mind attaches itself to the Lord, it becomes the cause for the Release.

Just as one teluggu broads on objects meets with disaster alone, even in the dream. They revel in serving My feet and doing activities for Me. The puruSa, even though dwelling in prakriti, does not get affected by the qualities of prakriti, as he is immutable, non-doer, and attributeless like the sun in water.

Published on October 8th, by Madhudvisa dasa Full size image. It consists of three chapters.

Kapila Gita

This knowledge should be given to one with faith, devotion, humility, who is uncarping, a friend of all, revels in serving all, dispassionate, peaceful free of envy, pure, and to whom I am the dearest of all. Do make me understand that difficult yoga such that I, a dull-witted woman, too, can easily understand it by your Grace.

I shall expound to you that yoga, with all its aspects, which was earlier taught to rishi-s who were eager to listen. The person who listens to this knowledge even once with faith or teaches this knowledge with their mind in Me, indeed, attains my state.


The mind withdraws from all material distractions. What is manifested as Time outside is the Purushha within.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Following this the sage Kapila answers questions of Devahuti regarding the path of Bhakti which will lead to the Realisation of all that has been explained in terms of PrakRRiti and Purushha.

Extreme attachment to the world is an unbreakable rope for the Self — say learned men. For prakriti causes the bondage in action to the puruSa who is a non-doer. I have a question I was reminded of while reading the comments. December 16, at 8: Tlugu Krishna, Thank you so much for making this book available online! It is the mind that is the villain of the piece.

Following verses describes nature of ignorance. This knowledge should not be taught to the wicked, the arrogant, the stubborn, the one with bad conduct, a hypocrite, an indulgent one, one whose mind is obsessed with home, one who is not devoted to Me and also one who dislikes My devotees. The presence of the Supreme Lord can be realized just as the sun is realized first as a bita on water, and again as a second reflection on the wall of a room, although the sun itself is situated in the sky.

Earlier, it was said that puruSa was formless and attributeless without qualities prior to creation.