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Everything but the secret sauce. Sony has gone LCD in a big way. At its line show in February, the company announced 52xbrr4 new sets. Is it worth it? The speakers for the adequate but unremarkable onboard audio system fire through perforations in the frame. The ldl frame does, however, make for a large set in a market that is rapidly moving toward designs that take up less space. But over time, I leaned toward brilliant, although a few frustrations remained.

Among them is the fact that some adjustments that affect the picture are in menus other than the Picture Settings menu. Some are in Screen Settings including Display Area, which controls overscanothers in Video Options Motion Enhancer, Cinemotion, 52xr4 othersand yet more in General Settings Power Saving and Light Sensor, both of which I left off; the latter automatically adjusts the backlight for both the picture brightness and the amount of ambient light in the room.

But program providers—and source components—do not always adhere to these standards. Nevertheless, I was never tempted to move these controls from their factory default auto position.


The remote can control ldl other components besides the set. Most of its important functions are adjacent to a central joystick. While its buttons are backlit, the functions of many of them are not labeled on the buttons themselves, making touch-and-go operation in the dark a little trickier than it should be. It does not offer direct selection of inputs.

When done correctly, Hz operation can minimize motion blur, an ongoing issue with LCD but, in my opinion, not a deal breaker on most recent designs. It can smooth motion in a startling fashion. But it can also 52xxbr4 a frame-per-second, film-based source look 52xbbr4 video. This can be jarring, particularly to a film purist. If you must use this 552xbr4, I recommend you stick to the standard setting and engage it only on video-based programming, such as sports. Avoid it on movies. Motionflow is activated by the Motion Enhancer control.

If you turn the Motion Enhancer off, each source frame is simply repeated as many times as needed to get to Hz, with no interpolation.

If a film-based source contains 3: If you turn the Motion Enhancer off, each source frame is merely repeated once to reach a Hz refresh rate, with no frame interpolation. But use restraint with the sharpness control.

Sony Bravia KDL-XBR4 Specs – CNET

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Sony also provided good viewing over a wide seating area. While it looked best at seating positions near the center, it was kdk up to about 45 degrees off axis. Motion blur, even without the Motion Enhancer option, was seldom distracting.


That points to the source as the culprit, not the display. The Achilles heel of nearly all LCD displays is black level. Deep, rich blacks form the foundation of every image, light or dark, giving it depth and a compelling sense of looking-out-the-window realism.

I spent a lot of time tweaking the various picture adjustments that affect blacks and shadow detail—Brightness, Picture contrastBacklight, Black Corrector, Advanced C. Its video processing has some limitations see the measurementsbut they rarely distracted me on real program material—and not at all if I used a good outboard upconverting source, as needed, to feed the set p over HDMI. The KDLXBR4 also has more than a few controls to fiddle with that are definitely useful in getting the best out of the set.

Highlights Excellent high-definition detail Superb color performance Video processing could be better Well short of state-of-the-art blacks. Log in or register to post comments. Related Latest Reviews News.

Sony KDL-52XBR4

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