If you need manual resolution please select Model-Inherited. It means that you will have to set up desired rendering resolution in your main XML Scene file and . M aterials are a very im portant part of a rendered im age and can m ak e th e difference betw een a ph oto realistic look ing im age and an artificial look ing one. Hi two weeks ago I read somewhere here about that there is a manual in the works which deals with how to set up materials like SSS etc in KT.

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It is based on more accurate material making, which may be worth looking at once you have gone through this one. Another difficult thing to model would be something with lots of tiny holes and very pitted, like a wooden fence.

This will be extremely valuable at work. Profile Builder 2 Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials.

Google SketchUp and Kerkythea – fast start 4Architects

Here are some samples of light emitter materials:. Can anyone please help me with this? Krrkythea someone help me simply install Kerkythea.

Some materials emit light. Now double click on material the wood-textured object will be selected. You may trace the news on KT forum: Here are some samples:. Thick glass material i. See Image for settings:.

This lists firstly all the different materials used in the model, then the lights in this case just the sunthen the kegkythea views that we already set up. Note that if you are adding more than one map at the same time at this stage I strongly recommend you to avoid! Generally we have two kinds of light, a Point Light and kerkytea Spotlight.


Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modelling to the next level. Thanks for this tutorial! Hi, I have a big problem exporting from Sketchup to Kerkythea.

Lightspeed modeling of smart keriythea materials. Using a map that masks some part of the material can make it easier to create this kind of effect.

Kerkythea Rendering System • View topic – material manual

Double-Cut Make your windows and door components automatically cut through double-sided walls! This causes a wide range of specularity over our material. The default will be whatever size SketchUp exported it as, but the size you want will depend on what you want the render for. Glass for example lets light to be half-reflected and half-transmitted through it.

Now you can make lots of materials, like porcelain, ceramics, polished shiny wooden floors and shiny plastics. Water, paper, lamp shades, thin fabric curtains and also glass are samples of transparent materials that light passes or transmits through them.

Obviously if you have a perfect reflectionyou must use reflection, but if you have a jaggy reflection use Specular. If all is successful kkerkythea should have a new toolbar called SU2KT like the one shown below. Hi, When I export a model from sketch using the export to kerkythea in the plugins folder it allows me to save it as an. We want to export whole model so make sure you have nothing selected.

Kerkythex this point you can delete specularity and instead, use reflection. See image below for settings:. I do not know what to do if someone has encountered this manhal and a solution I would be very happy because I have to my work by tomorrow.

You can make copies of trees in kerkythea in this way, in other words do it within the renderer. Hope this helps, Louis. Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials. I tried using 3D trees but this produced no rendering since kerkythea could not handle the complexity there are a lot of trees. And if you have done you can delete it by right clicking whole weights sum must not exceed more than 0.


Choose a point light, click where you want your light to be placed, and click somewhere in your model that shows the range of your maanual. Consider that by increasing the IOR amount our material goes more reflective, while how shiny is our material, determines clear reflected environment on our material.

I manaul done another follow-up tutorial called Kerkythea — take a deeper look at materials. This is very hard to model. You will be greeted with a list of all the material libraries you downloaded and installed earlier.

The final stage of this tutorial is the Settings box. Kerkythda made my model and installed Kerkythea plugin without any problem. The icon that looks a bit like the planet Saturn, is the point light while the cone shaped icon is the spotlight.

Kerkythea Rendering System

PlaceMaker automates the creation of your site model with a simple mouse stroke! I look forward to more! Josh, in reply to your comment about the globals being pixellated.

Thank you for the great tutorial! The sketchup model that a staff of mine is taking too long to be exported to the kerkythea and she is blaming the software. I am kerkyhea it could be the objects in the sketchup is too much that leads to this problem.

Now look at a leather material setting:. Also, download and install as many materials etc.