KF’s alone produce sufficient LF response.) III – Building Arrays:Bandwidth by Bandwidth. The soon-to-be-released KF Series Owner’s. Manual provides. View and Download LG KF user manual online. Mobile Phone with Slim Profile, 5 MP Camera, Neon Touch Navigation, and Touch Media. KF Cell. manual may differ from your phone advanced and compact kf phone by lg lg kf user guide set up memory cardkf user guide some of the contents in.

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Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KF phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Viewing your call logs Transferring a fi le to your phone Touch the right soft key to connect to O2 Active. Send key Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls. To connect the USB cable, wait until the phone has powered up and has registered to the network. Remove the battery Hold the top of750 of the battery and lift it from the battery compartment mnaual the battery cover.

Do not mqnual your fi ngernail when removing the battery. Charging your phone Slide back the cover of the charger socket on the side of your KF Insert the charger with the arrow to the back of lf750 phone and plug into a mains electricity socket. Memory card Installing a memory card You can expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card.

The KF will support up to a 4GB memory card. A memory card is an optional accessory. Remove the battery cover as before. From here you can access menu options, make a quick call and change your profile – as well as many other things.

Advice to the customer In order to allow better antenna sensitivity LG suggest that you hold the handset as shown below. Please do not cover the manua, area with your hand during a call or when msnual a Bluetooth connection.

It may reduce signal quality. You will be notified that you will need to close other applications to make the video call. The video call may take some time to connect. While the video call is connecting, you manuwl see your own image.

Making international calls Press and hold for the international prefix. Enter the country code, area code, and the phone number. Press Answering and rejecting a call When your phone rings, press answer the call. Press the Mute key to mute the ringing. Data volume – View the amount in kilobytes of all your received and sent data.


LG KF User Guide Call costs – View the charges applied to your dialled numbers this service is network dependant, some operators are unable to support this. Using call barring Pressselect Calling. Choose manul or all of the five options: All outgoing Outgoing international Outgoing international calls except home country All incoming Incoming when abroad Enter ,f750 call barring password.

Voice clarity- Select Yes to listen to the voice clearly. Changing your video call settings Pressselect Calling. Select Video call setting. Contacts Searching for a contact There are two ways to search for a contact: From the standby screen From the ,anual screen touch to open the address book.

Make voice call – Call the contact. Make video call – Video call the contact.

Such numbers mxnual emergency, directory enquiries and voicemail numbers. After selecting a service number, press the service. Clear contacts – Delete all your contacts. Sending a message Select Messaging then choose Create new message. A new SMS will open.

Eaw KF750 Technical Specifications

Setting up your email You can stay in touch on the move using email on your KF Select Messaging then select Settings. Changing your email settings You can adapt your email settings so that it works according to your preferences. Retrieve interval – Choose how often your KF checks for new email messages. Forward – Send the selected message on to another person.

Call – Make a Voice or Video call to the person who sent you the message. Delete – Delete the message. Create new message – Open a new, blank message or email. Messaging Changing your text message settings Your KF message settings are manyal so that you can send manial immediately.

LG KF Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG SouthAfrica

Select Messaging, Settings then Text message. You can make changes to: Text message centre – Enter the details for your message centre. Creation mode – Choose your message mode. Delivery time – Deliver your message at a specific time. Multi msg centre – Enter the details for your message centre. Changing your other settings Select Messaging then Settings. Your captured photo will appear on screen. The name of the image runs along the bottom of the screen together with five icons down the right side.

Back View the pictures you have taken in your Album. Using the flash The flash is set to off as default, but there are other options. Select to enter the flash sub- menu. There are three flash options: On – Your camera will always flash when taking a picture. Auto – Your camera will assess whether or not the flash is necessary for a good picture.


Select the shot you want to keep by selecting the thumbnail. Select Save to exit. In the photo album, the photos will be saved as three separate images and one panoramic image.

Due to the image size the panoramic photo will appear slightly distorted in the Album view. Using the advanced settings From the viewfinder select Settings. Size – Change the size of the photo to save on memory space or take a picture preset to the correct size for Any non-default settings you require will need to be reset, for example colour tone and ISO.

Check them before you take your next photo. Contact – This sets the camera to take a photo the perfect size to be added to a phone contact.

The settings menu will automatically close, ready for you to take your picture.

You can also access your photos using the touch screen. Press the left soft key on the right side of the phone and touch the Photo icon.

You can then scroll through your pictures by touching the screen. Video camera Shooting a quick video Move the camera mode switch to and press the centre button. Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject of the video. Press the capture button once to start recording. The great editing software on your LG KF is compatible with all video types except x Send – Send the video to a friend.

Delete – Delete the video. Use as – Set the video as a manuql. Rename – Rename the video. Date display – Set date display maunal. Capturing an image from a video Select the video you would like to capture an image from.

Select the left soft key to open the Options menu. Select Use as – Wallpaper.

LG KF User Guide Editing your photos There are loads of great things you can do to your photos to change them, add to them or liven them up a little. Adding an effect to a photo From the editing screen, select Special effect or Frame effect. Choose to apply any of the two options kf7750 the photo: Select Edit and choose Video merge.

Choose the video mznual would like to merge and choose Select. Select Effect to choose how the photo and video merge together: Choose to save over the original file or as a new file.