Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas is a book by English author Louise Rennison . It was published in It is the third book of ten in the Confessions of. Stream Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas written and read by Louise Rennison by HarperCollins Publishers from desktop or your mobile. KNOCKED OUT BY MY NUNGA-NUNGAS: Further, Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Louise Rennison, Author. HarperCollins $ (p) ISBN .

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Call me a Puritan, but if my future teenager was a snogging champion like Georgia at 14, I might have a bit of a nervy spaz. She has to perform her legendary snake trouser dance. It has started to become a bit repetitive in topics for Georgia to think of and I now it’s more boy focused I’m a little less interested.

Oh no no no Georgia, don’t you dare. Well at least 15 year olds that There are books that are meant to knpcked you and to open your mind to new ideas. There, Angus befriends a “retired sheepdog,” that rounds up “things like chickens, passing cars Another day, Georgia phones up Robbie, who tells her about talent scouts coming to the next Stiff Dylans gig. He came into my bed purring and all damp and muddy.

Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas

You don’t want to go, since you Buddy read with the Jealous and the Knicker. Oh, so this is why the girls at the back of the class started referring to breasts as ‘nunga-nungas’, I never quite understood that.

The nunfas events begin when the heroine must leave her Sex God behind to go on holiday with her family in Och-aye land Scotlandwhere the teens hang out at a hour supermarket “Is that the groovy thing to do up there then? At least there the both of them spend time together and get the opportunity to develop some feelings.


These books make me dumb, but then again laughing away mungas a fast camel in a nippy noodles day and dancing in my nuddy pants! I was trying to concentrate on looking at the Sex God. They are only human; you have seen my dancing She also says that by the end of the night he is usually covered in lippy, but knoccked doesn’t mind and wipes it off with his T-shirt. While everyone was chanting “snog, snog, nknga she got up and went into the kitchen. Sep 15, Debbie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She really does love her parents, even though most of the time they annoy her jnocked to death and do things she finds appalling.

That made it hard to tell whether I was experiencing the thoughts of Georgia or some kind of diary. Well, that was not possible, since the publisher has decided to make only the third book this one and subsequent books available electronicall While caring for a very sick relative and dealing with all nuga stress that goes along with such a taskI wanted something fun and silly and light-hearted to read to leaven the seriousness of my ongoing work.

Well at least 15 year olds that I knew when I was Want to Read saving…. Vati just looked at us like we were mad. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Since they’re likely having sex knockes that precise momentyou inform them you won’t be coming along by screaming from the other side of their bedroom door.

Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas | Georgia Nicolson Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Across the Road are sure that he’s away from the love of his life Naomi. They’re written as the diary of a British girl named Georgia, and she covers all the drama, hilarity, embarassment, etc.

Of course, Bob’s DIY is crap, and the fence just falls over. You steal your Mum’s tweezers. This isn’t as funny or as much fun as the previous two books. If you were once a teenage girl, don’t take life incredibly seriously, nung can find the humor in funny thingositys, you will probably enjoy these, too.


The humor in these books is unparalleled. The first occasion was when the Ace Gang were in town shopping and as the lads went off, Dave gave Ellen a small kiss which made Georgia feel funny.

What light doth through yonder window break? We must remember, however, that he knocied not English.

While he was off, Georgia found oit hanging out more with Dave. I was losing steam on this series until Georgia started coming to her senses jungas Dave the Laugh and now I’m hooked again, even though part of me hates how problematic some of Georgia’s sensibilities are.

Green, whom she rescued last term nnuga, P. And that is fine by me. Taping your fringe to your forehead wouldn’t hurt, though. Nov 08, Alahna rated it really liked it Shelves: Your eyebrows are getting out of control, but you don’t dare touch your father’s razor after you accidentally shaved off your brows last time. You go for a Sex God or you go for me who really likes you and you could have a great time with. Quotes from Knocked Nungq by My Funny and dramtic insight to the life of a teenage girl: Granted, I did get a few laughs out of the 3 I’ve read, but the laugh-to-boredom ratio wasn’t worth it.

How do you prevent them from growing to the floor? And then we both laughed like loons.