View and Download Korg Pa80 user manual online. video interface. Pa80 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Pa View and Download Korg PA 80 user manual online. PA 80 Musical Instrument pdf manual download. korg pa 80 manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. korg pa 80 manual.

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Do not use this product near water — KORG different from that to which the receiver is con- will not be responsible for damages caused by data loss.

TOC-3 Fast Delete using the control panel buttons. You can download cedure. Start up Connecting the AC power cord 2. When turning the instrument on, move this slider to the center, to avoid starting a Song at the minimum level.

Front panel of the display.

This button turns the Manual Bass function on or off. Front panel All Synchro functions are turned off. Press both buttons again to unmute the track. Flash Card only if the card is inserted. When you stop the Song, the Song Position goes back to measure 1. Display and User Interface Display controls 4.

You can vary many of formance and editing parameters. Display and User Interface Interface structure Backing Sequence When opening manua edit environment or a selecting page, the current operating mode is still working in the background.

Song 16 Song tracks. You can only see up to 8 tracks in the display. Display and User Interface Message windows Edit environment.

See diagram at the bottom of this Drum track Style track view. Basic operations Playing on the keyboard 6.

You will hear the Realtime tracks playing. There are four Realtime tracks: Upper and Selecting. There can be various p8a0 for each You can select a different Program i. The disk content appears. Tutorial 1 – Playing in realtime 7. Select one ume of the Realtime tracks. These are four different Nothing easier than playing a Song on the Pa Sure, the Song automatically stops when reaching the end. And… if I want to delete and record again one mode. Yes, this is another obvious change.

It will sound more rich, more lively. You can program an Arabic scale in real time, by assigning a amnual the Song Play mode, or turn the instrument off. The settings can change when new data is loaded There are different types of MIDI accordion and each type from disk.


Here, you press EXIT to exit the menu. Style Play operating mode Page 1 – Mixer: This page lets you set the volume for each of the Realtime Okrg program the output status for each track, Keyboard or Style tracks. Style Play operating mode Page 4 – Tuning: Style Play operating mode Page 9 – FX: A editing You can also change the volume for each class of Drums and C, D Percussion, if the selected track is set in Drum mode see Effects assigned to the C and D effect processors.

Style Play operating mode Page 14 – Track: Style Play operating mode Page 16 – R. In this page you can select various general parameters for the Duet Adds a single note to the melody. Close Adds a closed-position chord to the melody.


Style Play operating mode Page 21 – Style controls: Lock Default The lock is engaged. The lock is turned off. Style Play operating mode Page 25 – Preferences: Variations CVbut not all of them have the same number of CVs.

Here you can save the recorded Pitch Bend or edited Style in memory. When this parameter and the korf value is in small letters cv: Grid resolution, in musical values.

When in the Style Tracks page, each track can be in one of This is a prompt, asking for a note or chord to be played on three status. There are two different methods for recording a Style: Real- time and Step.

Press the third note, then release all notes. At this point, you may go on, inserting new events in Inserting a second voice. This menu gives access to the various Style Record edit sections. Style Record mode Page 1 – Edit: The quantize function may be used to correct any rhythm Note: Style Record mode Page 6 – Edit: See the table on page for more information on the allowed data.

COPY measures long, and the target 8-measures, the source will be copied two times. Here you can copy a track, Chord Variation or Style Element inside the same Style, or from a different one. Furthermore, 1 2 3 4 you can copy a whole Style.

KORG PA 80 USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

If you used Select the disk and open the folder containing the Song KORG native programs, you cannot reproduce the same to be selected. This folder will be used also in the Main sounds on instruments ps80 other pa08. If you select another Song, while a Song is in play within the same Sequencer, the new Song will start playing. When you Song Play icon stop the Song, the sequencer goes back to mea- When on, this icon indicates that the instrument is in Song sure 1 of the current Song.


Song Play operating mode Page 2 – Mixer: Song Play operating mode Page 5 – FX: MODE This page contains the editing parameters for the A effect This page lets you set the polyphony mode for each Song usually, reverb for Sequencer 1.

The Jukebox internal sound engine. In this page, you can set various general parameters. When selecting kirg Performance, no effect is selected. Backing Sequence operating mode Transport controls kofg The front panel controls work mostly While in Backing Sequence mode, you can record a new Song as in Style Play mode, but here you are recording what you in realtime mode i.

Recording begins with a 2-bar precount.

Song operating mode Transport controls Press SONG to access this page from another operating You can also use this mode to edit the initial parameters of a mode. The Load Song buttons while you are in the main page. Select a character using the DIAL. Depending on the Metro option you Here is the general procedure to follow for the Realtime selected, a 1- or 2-bars precount may play before the Recording. Song operating mode Step Record procedure page for more information on each parameter of editing the Korh Velocity and D Duration parameters.

Its length Previous event Event to be inserted will match the step value.

Korg pa80 User Manual

The Song Record page appears. Augments the selected note by one half of its Access this page from the Main page of the Song Record value.

This menu gives access to the various Song kkorg sections. Selected track or parameter. Song operating mode Page 3 – Mixer: Song operating mode Page 8 – FX: Usually, C is This page lets you select the A and B effects.

In this page you can edit the main parameters of the Pro- Release Release time. Song operating mode Page 15 – Track: This page lets you set the Internal or External status for each track. Iorg operating mode Page 20 – Edit: Enter this page from the Menu of the Song mode. The Event Edit page allows you to manyal each event in a single track. Song operating mode Page 25 – Event Filter And here are the events contained in the Master track.