Product information for Satellite Measuring Receiver Device VAROS manufactured by KWS-Electronic. Provided by AV-iQ Europe. Varos made in Germany by KWS, Satellite Measurment Meter with Spectrum Analyser, DVB-S/S2(Combi Mpeg2/4 decoder) & CI and TV screen, provides. KWS VAROS New firmware a available! Hi, KWS Electronic just published a new firmware version for their satellite meter KWS VAROS.

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The new VAROS Alpha is not just in terms of features and user-friendliness the measure of all things—even with the solution of different technical challenges and the commissioning of modern satellite systems, this device is without a doubt a developmental milestone and a professional helper. No matter how complex the failure analysis in a satellite system, which does not meet kss standard designed … the VAROS Alpha is in any case a fully loadable, modern and safe device that every service technician on site can rely on unrestricted.

A SAT test receiver that can really do everything: The Noise Margin Measurement NM helps the technician optimally align satellite mirrors and set the maximum signal reserve. The packet error counter PE detects unrepaired data blocks.


VAROS | Satellite Measuring Receiver Device | KWS-Electronic | AV-iQ Europe

This measurement is the only sure proof of error. Via the DVI interface, an external screen can be supplied with digital signals. The SCAN function uses an extensive list of satellite positions pre-stored in the device.

The clear display, especially for rarely used orbital positions, reduces time-consuming searching.

Two assistance systems for setting up SAT bowls and for evaluating the signal at the antenna socket support and guide the technician in detail through common vars tasks. Both modes can be selected directly after turning on the meter.

The technical progress dissolves many previous standards.

With the VAROS Alpha you can read out the user band frequencies from a matrix and transfer them to 8 internal memory banks. The signal of the optical receiver kw the output is fed to the RF measuring branch, so that optical receiving systems and distributions can be measured.

Normann Engineering – Advanced Broadband Technologies

With optical signals, the level measurement is omitted. This is replaced by the evaluation of the optical power. Thus, it is easy to optimally evaluate mws signal routing.

During commissioning and troubleshooting, the final inspection is carried out in the same way with the image control, guaranteeing previously unattainable safety and precision — equipped for the visual future.


Specifications VAROS 109 Alpha and Beta.

As with a classic SAT IF network, all relevant parameters can be recorded vzros stored in measured value tables. Frequency range of to 2, MHz. Noise margin NM measurement for system reserve. Package error PE for the detection of faulty data packets. SCAN function for secure satellite detection. Simplified operation through assistance systems.

Programming function for addressable antenna outlets. DiSEqC script function for programming appropriate multiswitches. Automatic measurement series via Data-Logger.

Screenshots, tuning and updates via USB. Lithium ion battery pack 7.

vqros A true handheld device and still a fully-fledged measurement receiver. It has never been so easy to set up a satellite dish or to check the signal quality! Programmable functions for addressable outlets. Optics is the future: OMI optical modulation index. If you own a KWS device and didn’t register it until now, you should secure your service advantages.

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