La Sankta Biblio [The Holy Bible In Esperanto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Product Details. Title: La Sankta Biblio (Esperanto); Publisher: Brita Kaj Alilanda Biblia Societo; Publication Date: More details about this resource. cFlat7:In Readmono we find the word ‘senditojn’ which means messengers, or literally “the ones sent”. If you didn’t know the context, how would you know.

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Help us translate the site! An online version is here: NJ Esperantist User’s profile July 18, If anyone wants it this is the link http: JTqpPI 9 8 7 2 I was overjoyed when it arrived and was whole. It seens unfortunate that the ‘O’ ending on participals usually refers to people. NJ Esperantist User’s profile Country: I found a few there by searching for ‘La Sankta Biblio’ The prices were better than a brand spanking new one.

Alkanadi User’s profile August 23,8: Sanmta to get started: If you would like to work with us on the project, please write me directly at caviness southern.

A teacher at Goethe Institut once told me that her German improved so much by reading the Bible in German. We gladly welcome all who are interested in helping. A group of British pastors translated the New Testament, and before the entire Bible was published they did some minor editing of Zamenhof’s text, mostly to make sure use of certain terms was congruent.

Miland User’s profile Country: Each reads at his own pace when he has time. I also know La Sankta Biblio can be read on this site: Also if anyone could find me a cheap printed esperanto bible let me kno2 Looks like the common type of typo.


Zamenhof did translate the entire Old Testament. Thanks for posting it!

Table of Contents for: La Sankta Biblio : Malnova kaj Nova Test

If you’re interested, here is the Book of Mormon in Esperanto: It would be wonderful to have the Esperanto Bible in audio form. AlexaPoruch User’s profile August 23,3: It is my hope that the Esperanto translation would do wonders for me and for you as well. Read La Sankta Biblio out loud and record it via audioboo.

Could have been some other error in font encoding though. I really believe proverbs in particular is the best way to learn a language. Anyhow I just found a La Sankta Biblio that seems different than the one I had originally downloaded.

Only a computer with microphone is needed.

If you didn’t know the context, how would you know whether to understand this as referring to things or to people? I’m not Mormon but I have friends who are. Thank you too for the link. I have two Esperanto Bibles print versions, the blue and the red, and there are a few differences between them. AlexaPoruch User’s profile Country: It also encourages us that a new reader recently volunteered to help, and intends to begin reading with us.

I wondered about that myself! I found a few of those in my blue and red Bibles.

A few bible verses were actually used in the initial pamphlet for Esperanto. Amazon has been of little help The Apocrypha deutrocanonical books was translated by Gerrit Berveling, a Dutch scholar. I’m curious as to what you mean by ‘different’.


Using La Sankta Biblio to learn Esperanto / Про все інше / Форум –

Basically I am wankta the book of proverbs by hand as I am reading it and building vocabulary. Miland User’s lw August 23, I really believe proverbs in particular is the best way to learn a language. It has to be bought in at least three volumes, which would be very expensive.

So I deleted it without realizing how rare a pdf of the esperanto bible was to find on the internet. If anyone wants it this is the link http: If you’re familiar with how it goes in English or in your native language, reading it in Esperanto would be a breeze.

How was ‘King’ spelled differently? Sfinkso User’s profile Messages: The print Bible is available from UEA.

I found this among the Community Texts at Archive. I use the freelang dictionary on my computer. Has anyone looked into this, who knows ancient Greek? But I really suggest going to ‘unbound bible’ and making an Esperanto-English paralell bible, its free and you can do it for any languages.

I didn’t realize that until I googled for more info about La Sankta Biblio.